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One of the most wonderful things that has come into my life in this past year is the Cafe of LIFE Book Club.
I am not the originator though it was passed to me because I host it at my office. It is such a wonderful experience each and every meeting we have. We all leave lighter and with more ease than what we came in with. We cozy up here at the Cafe of LIFE and have open discussions about real things, that really matter. If you ever get an opportunity to join something like this, take it. And if you haven’t found one yet, COME JOIN US!!!! We begin a new book “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie tomorrow, Thursday Sept 25th at 6:30pm and meet every other week to discuss about 3 chapters at a time.
One word to describe book club….INSPIRING!!!
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Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness, DOMS,….my friends and I laughed and joked around when we first learned this in school. It is seriously referred to as “doms” and I had a serious experience with it over the past weekend. On Friday I decided I would do a step aerobics class (60 min), a yoga class (60 min), and then I had my first horseback riding lesson. I used to show horses when I was growing up but once I left for college, it was difficult to find time or a horse to ride on a regular basis. Essentially I have been away from horses for 10 years. So I decided I would start taking riding lessons to get involved with horses again. It was great fun but I found muscles that had not been worked in a long time (like 10 years). I work out all the time and I would think that power yoga 3 times per week should have touched all of those muscles but I guess not. Each exercise uses different muscle groups and that is why it is so important to cross-train on a regular basis. My next riding lesson is tomorrow and I am really excited because each time it will be easier and easier on my body. And of course getting adjusted on a regular basis is so important to keep it all balanced. I will be doing that tomorrow as well!!!
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Happy Birthday Chiropractic!!

Chiropractic’s famous first adjustment is recognized each year with an annual observance commemorating September 18th, 1895 as Chiropractic Founder’s Day. On this day, 113 years ago, Dr. Daniel David Palmer administered the first specific chiropractic adjustment on Harvey Lillard in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. D.D. Palmer delivered this historic first chiropractic adjustment with the specific intent of realigning a malpositioned vertebra on the patient, restoring its normal position, and Harvey Lillard, who had lost most of his hearing 17 years earlier, noted his hearing swiftly returned under Dr. Palmer’s care. From that point DD Palmer shifted his clinical practice to his new method of replacing spinal bones that were out of position, and experienced positive clinical results in patients with a wide variety of health concerns. His practice grew and the profession of chiropractic was launched.
Happy Birthday Chiropractic!!
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That Rain!!!!

The Rain lately!!!
Wow! That was amazing! I am not sure how much rain we got over the weekend but it was an incredible amount for just one weekend. In the mid-west we get rain, however it usually goes as fast as it comes. I do not remember a time when it just poured without letting up like that. I check and adjust many people that work at an insurance agency and they were bombarded with claims from flooded basements and water damage. Rain is such a good thing. We needed it as we have been in a bit of a droubt through the summer. It is better if EVERYTHING IS IN MODERATION!!! And this MODERATION principle applies to most aspects of life. I cannot think of anything that is good in excess (although sometimes I could justify chocolate). I talk to practice members about getting enough water in everyday however even water can be harmful in excess. Excessive exercising is even unhealthy. So for all that the rain helped, it did enough damage because of the amount. The key to life is MODERATION.
The rain!
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I have the great honor of being a pediatric chiropractor and working with so many children every week in my practice. I want to take a moment to congratulate the parents that bring their children in for a regular check of the spine.
Why would I congratulate them? The choices that we make each day and especially for the little ones, have profound effects on the rest of our and their lives. Growing up with a healthy spine and nerve system allows their little bodies to have normal and regular development. If the spine and nerve system is compromised, the communication and development is compromised as well.
So many parents and beginning to realize that the health of their child largely depends on the health of the child’s spine and nerve system. The body is a miracle and no pill, antibiotic, elixir, or anecdote is going to create health.
Health comes from within, it always has and always will.  I love being a pediatric chiropractor.
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