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I had the most fun over this past weekend. There is not much you can do in this life for just $25, however you can take a Beginning Motorcycle Safety course for that kind of money. It was a long weekend course but so super fun. I had never ridden a motorcycle prior to the class and really haven’t been on any 4-wheelers, snowmobiles or much of anything else that is motorized so I wanted to start from square one. Which for safety purposes, that is the very best place to start. There were 45 people in the class and it was offered on the campus of Washtenaw Community College in Ypsilanti. We had 4 hours of in-class instruction followed by 10 hours of riding broken up into 2 hour segments over 2 days. And it was solid riding time. Then they give a knowledge test and a riding skills test (which I proudly say I aced) which then allows you to go into the Secretary of State office and take a law test for your motorcycle endorced drivers license. I cannot say I am completely road safe yet as a rider yet but I will be soon. I am looking at getting a bike, hopefully before winter rolls in. In fact, I am more looking into a Piaggio bike, it is a super-scooter pretty much. My step father is going to help me find the bike that is right for me as he has been riding motorcycles for many, many years. Should be fun!!!

What fun have you had for $25 lately?
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What an amazing and wonderful weekend! It was filled with friends and fun and of course, went by too fast!!! One of the super fun things I did over the weekend is a bike ride called “Tour De Troit”. It is a 30 mile bike ride through the city of Detroit. Naturally 30 miles would take us winding around in the streets, exploring all the little nooks and crannies of the city. It was amazing as I had never even explored the city by car. So you may think, what is it like to tour Detroit on a bike? Well ask any one of the 2,000 participants and they will say they enjoyed themselves immensely. It was police escorted and 2,000 people stopped a lot of traffic. In fact, at some points, I felt bad for those people in cars as the group took quite a few minutes to pass at any point during the ride. It was a perfectly sunny day and the trip took about 4.5 hours, which included a 30 minute stop for snacks. All ages, all levels of bikers, everyone just having fun. It is definitely an event to return to every year. Join me next year, maybe we can put together a Cafe of LIFE group!!!
(the picture is me hydrating before the ride:)
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There seems to be an unusually large number of babies being born right now. It makes me wonder what was happening 9 months ago that is leading to all of them being born in the past couple of weeks. I don’t know…maybe the start of the brutally cold winter:) One of the most wonderful parts of my work is seeing pregnant women and children. I work with women throughout their pregnancy and often see many of the children once they are born. In fact, there have been quite a few times that I have gone up to the hospital and checked and adjusted the infants just following birth. Many people ask what I am doing checking and adjusting infants and what would make them need an adjustment if they were just born. Last week I had the privilege of going to the hospital to check baby Sheila. If you were in the room for the adjustment, you would be able to confirm the need for the adjustment as well. The little body of the almost 24 hour old baby was beautiful though you could tell she was contorted in utero and had been in one position for a long time which led to misalignment in the neck and pelvis. Sometimes misalignment’s like this will lead to inability to breastfeed on both sides comfortably, digestive challenges and who knows what else. Also the birth process, no matter how natural and uncomplicated it is, is very traumatic for the spine of the newborn. The parents of this little one were so ready for her to come into the world, however they also wanted to allow her to have the best chance of expressing life to the fullest, and that is why I was invited. When I left the room, I could tell that little one was started off on the right track. She was balanced and at ease and about to get her next meal. Happy babies lead to happy parents and happy and healthy families. If you would like more information about checking and adjusting newborns or children, please feel free to ask at anytime. So many parents are realizing that the health of their children largely depends on the health of their children’s spine and nerve system. At this Cafe…we serve LIFE!
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I do not ever remember having such a perfectly sunny and beautiful week here in Michigan in a long time, or maybe even ever. The evenings have been chilly with super brisk and crisp mornings and the afternoons open up to such beautiful blue skies, the kind of skies that one sees while out west. The temperatures are ideal and the sunshine is so wonderful for keeping attitudes and ultimately spirits lifted. Because so many people come to be served at the Cafe of LIFE daily, their moods infiltrate this space and even if we didn’t have any windows, I could tell you what it was like outside by the energy people bring in. Soak up the sun and let this week be a wonderful reminder of the reason we live here in Michigan. This state has so much to offer, so many beautiful sights to see and fun things to do. We often lose sight of the many ways we are blessed by being Michiganders. Get outside and take advantage of the sun shining over these next few days and into your long holiday weekend! We will too and we will all meet back here on Tuesday, September 8th, the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!
(The picture is a sunrise over Lake Huron from a vacation I took a few weekends ago. Beautiful!)
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