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What a wonderful month. I think this way mostly because of my favorite holiday (aside from my birthday) happens in November. I love, love, love Thanksgiving. I think Thanksgiving has everything that Christmas has to offer and none of the expectations. It is a day for family, friends, and food and really, what else is much better than that? This has been an interesting year for a lot of people, especially in Michigan with all the change and many have found themselves getting wrapped up in all that is just not going their way. But when the holidays come around, and especially Thanksgiving, it is a time that we are reminded of all our blessings. Look around you…you have so much more to be grateful for than you have probably thought about in a long time; a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food to put in your belly, water to drink, the love of family and friends, a country that when compared to what else is out there is a pretty great place to live, among so many other things. Be grateful and tell others you appreciate them. One of my most favorite songs of all time is Natalie Merchant’s “Life is Sweet”. The part of the song that chokes me up every time goes like this:

“…But don’t cry

You know the tears will do no good

So dry your eyes

Oh, they told you life is hard

Misery from the start

It’s dull

It’s slow

It’s painful

But, I’ll tell you life is sweet

In spite of the misery

There’s so much more to be grateful…

…But, I’ll tell you life is short

Be thankful

Because before you know

It will be over

‘Cause life is sweet

Life is, oh, so very short

Life is sweet

And life is, oh, so very short…”

I love it. In spite of everything, there is so much to be grateful and life is sweet and oh so very short. Get out there and enjoy it! Look for chances to be grateful at least once per day no matter how low the day may feel because “LIFE IS SWEET!”.
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