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Back to my Costa Rica trip because I told you guys that I would share…

So one of the highlights of the entire trip was my final walk on the beach of the final morning of my vacation. In the area we were staying, a few miles of beaches were strung together by a path that went up through the jungle. There would be a section of beach, then the jungle, then beach, then up over a huge cliff through the jungle, etc, and this walk pretty much took about an hour there and back. The morning was beautiful, the sun was shining, the surfers were out doing their thing, and it was one of those bittersweet moments; I am excited to go home but sad to leave paradise and my friends. I set an intention for this hike and I wanted to make it about creating the next section of my life. So as I am walking, I am taking it all in; the sights, the smells, the sounds, the feelings, all of it. I am in an deep meditative mode when all of a sudden I come across this group of three people that are intently watching something on the beach. As I get closer, I realize that it is a baby sea turtle that had just hatched and is making its way towards the sea. So I sat with the group and watched him. It turns out that he is the first of a large group of turtles that the locals are expecting to hatch in about 3 days, at the full moon. So this little guy, a few days ahead of the rest of the pack, is flopping his feet and making his way with one destination in mind, to the ocean. When he has finally reached an area that the waves will reach out and take him from there, there was an incredible feeling inside my being. Have you ever witnessed a birth of a child? That pure, love feeling that happens in that moment when the child enters this world? Do you know what I am talking about? It is a recognition of the divine perfection of everything in this universe. This little turtle, without any map or directions from any parents, used all the strength he could muster up to head out and create a life for himself. It truly was magical. So to say this moment of witnessing the divine perfection of the universe was a highlight of the vacation is really an understatement. It is actually one of the highlights in my life so far…
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I love my brothers. This picture is the most recent picture of my brothers from just this past weekend. Now when I say I love my brothers, I didn’t always feel that way. We were no “Leave it to Beaver” family growing up, don’t get me wrong. I am the second oldest of the group but trust me, being the only girl, order doesn’t matter…it is 3 against 1 no matter what. I remember going through school and the teachers that had my older brother would say things like ‘I cannot believe you are even related because you look, think and act so differently’. I actually remember a point in my life when as far as I am concerned I am an only child…what brothers? But today is a different story. I have found so much gratitude in all that these guys have contributed and continue to contribute to my life. I am who I am and they are who they are largely due to the way we have collectively touched each others lives. All 4 of us reside within a 10 mile radius which is also pretty cool. One is married, the other engaged with a little one on the way but each of us are doing our part to make this family and the world go around. As I just mentioned, there will be a little one entering into our foursome and that is super exciting. I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the fact that one of these goofballs is going to be a father but of course it had to happen sometime, right? So we will welcome her (yes it is a girl) into this world in March and maybe make it 3 against 2:) Love you guys!!!
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There are those people in our lives that when you get together, no matter how long it has been, you never miss a beat. These are a few of those people to me. Scott, Marco, and Christine are all friends of mine from our crazy adventure through chiropractic college. Much like so many people, when you go through schooling that is so intense, and there are others doing the same thing, some serious forever bonds come out of that. All three of these friends practice in and around Denver, Colorado. I make it out there to visit them a couple times per year though we have never traveled together. We all closed our practices for the week and spent that time together. They are family. I just thought I would share a picture of part of the crew. This is us opening coconuts and drinking the coconut water and then eating the meat…right in front of our resort. So much fun!!!
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So I will be making a few posts so that you can experience some of what i experienced in Costa Rica from December 18-28. I met some friends from chiropractic college and we had an amazing week of fun in the sun at the Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma… My personal accommodation was a luxury tent, which I will post pictures of at a later time. I was awaken by howler monkeys every morning, which are pretty much like roosters here in this area, start their daybreak noise at the first moment that the day begins to hint it is on its way, right around 6am. The first two mornings I had no idea what it was, and sounded huge (something the size of an elephant) and I could tell it was getting closer and closer. Naturally my stomach was dropping as I wasn’t all that confident that the canvas that separated me and the outside world was going to actually keep out this monster. After the second morning of waking up in sheer terror, I began to ask around. Of course, the first time I asked any of the locals it was all cleared up. There were a ton of monkeys, both white faced and howler, on the resort property and one of my friends took this picture of the one that was more than likely playing my alarm clock. Such a beautiful sight. Pura Vida!
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