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I am really excited about this week as it is the week my older brother gets married. He is marrying a wonderful girl named Rachel that some of you may remember because she worked here at the Cafe of LIFE for almost 2 years while she attended nursing school. I am really excited they found each other. I remember when they first became a couple and I thought to myself, “he is a lucky guy” and then the next thought was “she is one lucky girl”. They have a great thing going and I am looking forward to welcoming another sister into my world. As most of you know, I grew up with three brothers, one older and two younger. As with most siblings, I was not a huge fan of any of them. Over the years I have come to really appreciate their unique traits and how much they add to my life. I love spending time with all of them and watching them learn and evolve. This life is about sharing and experiencing things and learning and growing from the lessons that are presented along the way. Life is not easy, there are some hills and valleys and we all go through some interesting times, my family included. But we grow together and become more and more connected as the years go by. I am grateful to be having this life experience and if I had it to do over again, I would pick the same group of guys to grow up with. I look forward to the years to come and we all have such wonderful experiences awaiting us in the future. I love participating in their lives and being the best “Aunt E” that I can be to all of their children. Nate and Rachel have the cutest daughter named Charlei that I had the chance of spending a lot of this past Sunday with. She is 4 months old now and her personality is really beginning to show. I am not sure if she has ever seen puppets prior to Sunday and when she saw these stuffed animals talking to her, she giggled a little bit. As we played she was laughing and squealing so loudly, my brother and I were crying we were laughing so hard. Life is about those moments…and we only get this one chance. I am glad we are extending our family circle by one this week. Welcome to family Rachel! I can’t wait to celebrate that with you guys on Saturday!!!

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First picture is me in my haz-mat suit after the ceiling was sprayed. The paint is designed to fall and become a dust that vacuums up. It is like fine drywall dust only black and gets all over everything.
Second picture is me standing in the reception area just prior to putting down the cork flooring.
Third is Ted and I on one of the 5 flooring days.

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It is amazing that the end of the summer season is approaching already. This has been one of the most beautiful summers that I can remember in Michigan and I have enjoyed every minute of it…from inside a building. It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun and that is exactly what happened to my summer this year. Today marks the 8th day the Cafe of LIFE has been in our new home and getting this place ready was truly a labor of love. My boyfriend and I have spent the past 2 months straight here at the building. We worked every night until 11 or 12 and all weekend, every weekend. He was able to do all the skilled work; plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc…and I did the grunt work; painting, cutting ceiling tiles, cleaning up messes, vacuuming, etc. We ran into some serious challenges however we learned a lot about the building and about each other. Though I have been serving people out of this space for just over a week now, there is a lot of miscellaneous stuff to still finish and we have spent a couple evenings back at it. The thing I have noticed the most over the past couple days is how early it is getting dark now. We were here just last night and the sun set and it was dark before 9pm. That is how we know it is getting towards fall around here. In the past years I could measure the summer coming to an end because my tan would be in full effect. This year, I do not even have tan lines. I know I have been working too hard and not playing when I get on my parents boat and instead of relaxing and watching the water and everyone enjoying it, the boat immediately rocks me to sleep and I wake up about an hour later completely confused. It is time to rest.

Though summer is winding down, it also means that fall is almost here and college football, carmel apples, changing leaves and sweatshirt nights are just around the corner. I love the fall. I think it has something to do with the fact that I grew up on an apple orchard and fall was an exciting time because of harvest. I also loved school and really enjoyed getting back in the swing of things every fall. Over the next month my family has some pretty exciting things happening with the wedding of my older brother and our annual family getaway. I will also be able to keep up with my blog better now that things are settling down.
So enjoy the last couple weeks of summer, get the most out of each day, I hope you get your school shopping done and enjoy preparing to dive back into the books.
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As most of you know I have been renovating a building for the Cafe of LIFE to move into and we are finally moving this weekend!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited to share the the new space with all of you. In case you are wondering, we are moving an easy 3 blocks from where we are located now. Directions:

Do you know where the Fenton Hotel is? From the Fenton Hotel, you will head north on N LEROY ST. A block from there will pass a Clark gas station on your right. Continue North half a block and there is a chocolate brown building on your left side. The address is 521 and I have posted a picture so you can recognize it. If you make it to Bush Park, you have gone 2 doors too far.

If you have any questions…call us at (810)629-6023 or email me at We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved, so please let me know how we can help. We are very excited to see you Monday!!!
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This is so exciting and I am thrilled to announce that Cafe of LIFE was voted “Best in Genesee County 2010″ for chiropractic offices. I would like to take a moment and say thank you for voting and participating in that coming into fruition. I am here doing what I love to do and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful practice full of delightful people. More and more families are taking charge of their health and are choosing chiropractic care as part of their weekly routine. I am glad you have chosen to come to the Cafe of LIFE to do that and I look forward to serving you for a long time to come. See you soon!
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