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As I walk around the past few weeks, the word “lucky” comes up in my head over and over. It has been in the forefront of my mind lately how lucky I am. Some people will argue that there is no such thing as luck and to some respect, I would agree with that. I think Life puts things in our paths according to the work we have done, the energy we radiate and what we can handle. I have done and still continue to do my work…working on myself, my wounds, my strengths and my weaknesses. I feel lucky because some key areas in my life are coming together all at the same time…that is the luck that is on my mind lately and it pertains to work, family, my living situation and my personal life.

I am a doula (Doula is a word that has most closely become associated with a woman or man[1] who provides non-medical support to other women and their families during labour and childbirth, and also the postpartum period) and this past Monday I attended the most amazingly beautiful home water birth. It just so happens she went into labor on Monday morning and by my lunch period things were well underway. Let me set the scene for you…I walked in to peace, a dim lit home, light rhythmic music playing in the background, a fan blowing, Mom in the birthing tub, friend/doula by her side putting cold wash cloths on her back and neck, husband close by and checking in with Mom when necessary, mid-wife sitting back and waiting and watching with a supportive energy and soothing words, birth assistant ready to be the key support to the mid-wife, and the dog patiently watching over the room from a bed in the corner.

Her labor went on all morning but the actual pushing was a short 35 minutes to the birth of a beautiful baby boy. When mothers are adjusted through their entire pregnancy, labor and delivery times are quick since the body is balanced and ready. It was picture perfect. I checked and adjusted the little one within minutes of coming into the world, did what I could to help for about an hour, checked and adjusted everyone else and headed out and back to the Cafe of LIFE to serve for the afternoon. That was one incredible day!

In the midst of this beautiful scenario, I stepped back and thought to myself…how lucky am I! What an honor to be invited in to the most intimate moments in this particular family’s life. I feel lucky to be in this place, at this time and having the experiences I am. When I get to experience Innate Intelligence in its rawest form and bear witness to the strength of a woman in the moment of giving birth, I am humbled and forever grateful to have even been invited. Life is amazing…make sure you are getting out there and living it!

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This morning I woke up in such a profound state of peace. There are a lot of things in life that seem to be coming together like pieces in a puzzle. When I am not busy trying to make things happen (which I have spent a good portion of the past few years doing), I am able to really sit back and be completely present and drink in each and every second. That happened in an amazing way last night.

It started with a run…almost 5 miles with great company. Because of my challenged heart, I have never been able to enjoy running with other people. My body can only carry so much oxygen and I can only breathe so hard, so to run with someone was almost too stressful. I would find myself worried about not going fast enough and possibly taking away from someone else’s experience. For as long as I have been running, I have only ever had company maybe 5 times…until the past couple weeks. It is nice to have someone to chat with, catch up with and spend the time with and the run goes by so quickly and with so much ease. It is still difficult to breathe at points but I just keep pushing, and maybe even push a little harder than I would on my own, and in the long run (no pun intended) I am sure it will help me to progress as an athlete.

This particular running buddy has an office in what used to be a yoga studio. It is set up pretty much the way it was when classes were happening there and the space has some seriously good mojo. It is an older building with those beautiful old wood floors, high ceilings and the room feels really open and free. It calls out for you to do yoga or dance when you are in there…and so I had my own private yoga studio, perfect lighting and Coffee House on the radio. There were intense moments of asana practice followed by rest and melting into that wood floor. It was peaceful and comfortable and healing and I seriously could have slept there after the run and yoga session. It was a peaceful drive home, a great night’s sleep and a fullness in my heart this morning in a way like I just filled up the gas tank in my car.

So I am going to ride that wave for the rest of this week. Peace is a process and it is something that I work on/strive for on a daily basis. With all the reading, studying, yoga, working out, journaling, practicing that I do, I have come to a place where peace is possible. It is fleeting at times and sticks around at other times. Last night was a culmination of all the right pieces fitting together in just the right places to make all this work worth it.

I truly hope there are moments that you find yourself in that state as well. This may require that you chisel out some time for yourself, dissect out some poisonous people from your life, excavate some bad habits, cultivate some health-ful daily practices and find an amazing running buddy with a cool office like I did:) Start doing what you need to do in order to live your life fully…we only get once chance.

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