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This past weekend I had my first flash mob experience!!! How fun! Flash mobs are happening all over the world these days. Have you heard of it? Basically people choose places where there are predicted to be large crowds and start some music and do a choreographed dance. If you have ever witnessed one, it begins with just 3 or 4 people. Then a large group gathers around to watch and a portion of the spectators are actually in on the dance and join. Then usually there is another section of the crowd that seem innocent but are actually in on it too and join and when it is over, everyone goes back to doing whatever they were doing and act like nothing happened. It is about bringing joy to others through the element of surprise and dance.

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So I got wind of this group called Flash Mob America and I registered with them to receive their updates. It just so happens they were coming to do one in Ann Arbor…and you know me, always looking for rich, rewarding experiences…so I decided I would make it a point to join in the fun. I arrived at 9am for rehearsal which lasted for 3 hours. We went over and over and over the dance and learned about the specifics of how it develops because there is no actual practice time in the chosen location. There were about 80 people that were at rehearsal and it was awesome to see it all come together.

The flash mob took place at the Artisan Market in Kerrytown area of Ann Arbor (the same location as the farmer’s market if you have ever been). The 80 participants walked around shopping leading up to the time it was supposed to start which was 1pm. Then out of nowhere, we here the beginnings of the song “Party Rock”…which literally starts with the singer yelling “PARTY ROCK!!” Then 4 people began the dance and it evolved from there. I was fortunate to have a friend standing by and videotaped the entire thing and I wanted to share it…and my incredible dance moves, jk :)…with all of you.

If you get wind of a flash mob happening in your area…check it out, join in and have some fun. We only get one chance…dance like no one is watching…or dance like the whole world is watching and shake that booty and make it count!!!


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Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Sometimes - Dr Erica Peabody

Sometimes…wearing the medal the next day actually helps with the soreness that follows a run like that. It makes me smile!

“A journey of a thousand miles (or 13.1) begins with a single step.”

Most don’t even thing twice about their medals but sometimes wearing the medal makes for a great day!!!

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Can you say, “HOLY SORE LEGS, BATMAN!!!!” I ran the Detroit Half Marathon foChiropractor Fenton Michigan - another half down - Dr Erica Peabodyr the third year in a row yesterday. It is such a fun race and draws me back year after year.
It started with a cool, fall morning, a few sprinkles and some pretty intense wind. I decided to stay downtown Detroit with some friends because of the 7AM start which was a very good choice. The past 2 years I had to wake up at 4AM to make it to the race on time and that is brutal.

I have a few pictures that I want to share so you can see some of the sights along the race. It is so much fun to run across the bridge to Canada and back through the tunnel to the US.
Also I recently learned how to breathe…after almost 7 years of long distance running, in the past month, I finally Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - another half down - Dr Erica Peabodylearned how to breathe and it is making a HUGE difference. In fact I cut off 26 minutes from my time last year…26 minutes!!! That is 2 minutes per mile difference which is significant. I will let you know what I mean when I say “I learned how to breathe” in a future post but for now, I am just celebrating the accomplishment. Crossing the finish line is one of the greatest feelings in the world and I am sure is what keeps runners coming back for more and more. I didn’t have my running buddy with me for this race, but he caught up with me when I finished and those are the best hugs ever!


Every year I get to this point, after finishing my big goal for the year of running a half, I promise myself that I will keep running on a regular basis to include one long run per week…then 2 months go by without even lacing up my running shoes. This year it is going to be different. I am prChiropractor Fenton Michigan - another half down - Dr Erica Peabodyomising myself, and letting all of you hold me accountable to, running at least twice a week and walking once. I’m really going to do it this time…especially now that I am making some headway with my times, I don’t want to take any steps back.
Ever considered running a Half Marathon? …or even a 5K? It starts with putting one foot in front of the other and having the confidence to reach for big goals. Need recommendations about how to start? Come talk to me!
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