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It’s a matter of the heart…yet so much more than that. I want to ask you so many questions to see if any of your experiences match up to what is happening in my life right now, however I do not know what questions to ask that would even give a hint about the happenings.

It feels like this…
I have had a full life already…a life of experiences, living in all kinds of places, hanging out with all

kinds of people, doing a ton of traveling and always in search of rich, rewarding experiences which, along the way has lead me to surfing. I am very athletic and though I do not know if I can really call myself a “surfer”, I can say that I have surfed and more than just a few times. When I was growing up, my family and I would travel to Oscoda, MI and rent cabins on the beach for a week every summer. We would play for hours in Lake Huron, well hours as long as the waves were not too high. When I first learned to surf, I had to get over that concept of “if waves get higher than this, it is too dangerous to be in them”. I had to re-learn how to be in the water, maneuver the waves and find peace in the chaos as they crash over me. In order to surf on a surfboard, it was important to have much larger waves than that. So I learned to work “with” the water…
Then, with some help of a dear friend, I was able to learn to get out past the break carrying a very large surfboard with me. It is challenging when this board is at least 3 feet taller than I and I am trying to “woman-handle” this thing out past the crashing point. I lost many, many battles and it was tiring to go against the tide. I was able to get up and catch a few decent waves. With help from another, I was able to learn to read the water and to even allow for the rip tide to assist me in conquering the break. Encouraging words and actions and I gained enough confidence to catch my first HUGE wave. I was such an exhilarating experience to paddle into it, catch it, stand and slide down the face of this monstrous wave. It actually was so exhilarating and my body was in such disbelief I was riding such a big wave that I bailed after just a few seconds. Memorable…for sure.
I haven’t really had much of a chance to actually surf lately, however when I look back on my surfing experience up to this point, it directly correlates with what was going on with my romantic relationship at the time. During our first Cafe of LIFE Book Club meeting of 2012, I drew a card from a stack that was to answer whatever question I had intentions of getting an answer for. I chose to ask about a romantic relationship for 2012. The answer I received was “You have done your work. It is time to sit back and enjoy the ride.” In relating to my surfing analogy, the card said…”You have done the paddling, now just wait for the wave and this time STAY ON THE BOARD AND ENJOY THE RIDE!!!”. Within just a few days from really taking in that notion, I caught a wave…and I have to admit, this has been the wildest, most wonderful and amazing ride of my life! It feels really good to be “going with the flow” of life and seems absolutely effortless.
So tell me…have you witnessed the ebb and flow in different areas of life? Have ever given up fighting the ebb and found yourself in the flow? Have tides unexpectedly changed on you? Have you been swimming with the current or against? I have found that the more I share the intention I have and the direction I want to go, the more life smiles on that. I have turned a corner in my life and have decided, in the poetic words of Eddie Vedder, “I’ll ride the wave, where it takes me!!” We only get one chance in this lifetime…what is in your heart?
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I have told you about my brothers before but I don’t think that I have told you lately how much I love them. We have such a fun, unique relationship now that is pretty rare to find in the world these days. I didn’t always feel this way mostly because while growChiropractor Fenton Michigan - Dr Erica Peabody - Brothersing up, I found myself on the short end of 3 against 1 on almost a daily basis. We have all faced challenges, have lived full lives and somehow along the way became really close. I think it also helps that 2 of them married some of the most amazing women which have also helped to grow our relationships.

Last night was a celebration of family…well a celebration of the winter season and ice, with a huge helping of family on the side. The four of us balance each other really well. We make each other laugh, help each other out and have a real strong appreciation for what each of us brings to the table. There is a loyalty that is like nothing else on Earth. We all feel really lucky that we have made homes within 10 miles of one another and this lends to some good times together. I am glad we are on this journey together, and though I didn’t always feel this way, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
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To say this past week was incredible would be a complete understatement. I am not sure if I can find the words to do it any justice but I will attempt.

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It feels as though the stars have aligned and they are all on my side. Because of a few different things and my own desire for growth and evolution, and the work I am doing on myself, I can honestly say that January 12th, 2012 was a pivotal point in my life. It is as though my life can be described as “before Jan. 12th” and “after Jan. 12th”. It goes way deeper than a love connection though that is a significant part of it. Where is life heading? I know what direction it is going, however I have chosen to surrender to the fact that “I will ride the wave where it takes me”. It is uncharted territory for me, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. All I can do is trust that “As I take a step, the next one is revealed”.
Have you had an event or a culmination of events that has led to a significant shift in your being or your life? Is there a date or a time frame that you can look back at and see an obvious shift? For me, being able to share my story brings me so much joy. Maybe you feel the same way…we only get one chance in this life. Do more things that make you happy!
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Happy New Year!!! It has been pretty busy and hectic start to the year…all good things. Over the past couple years, I have spent a little time brainstorming with a few friends about a “theme” for the year. For example “Life is Zen in 2010” or “There Will be 7 in 2011” or “Life is Heaven in 2011”. So we were talking about 2012 and honestly, besides the word “delve”, not much rhymes with 2012. I was working it out and trying to figure out a cool catch phrase for 2012 and…it is just not happening.

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So I look back at the past and I ask myself “Was life really ZEN in 2010?” NO WAY!!! What about 2011…”were there 7 in 2011?” Yes there were 7 this and 7 that, but nothing that was significant that pertained to that number. “Was life HEAVEN in 2011?” NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! I was seeing a pattern and I began to think that though it is super cute and catchy to make something that rhymes, maybe the rhyming part was the problem…limiting.
This past Saturday, I spent the entire day at a Women’s Retreat over in Oxford. It was a day for women, all things women, and lots of local practitioners with interesting topics about things that pertain to women and issues surrounding women’s lives. It was a day to escape normal life, hide out in this great little place tucked back in the woods and get reconnected…and I enjoyed every moment of it! It was such great timing with the beginning of the year and such an awesome time to set an intention for the months to follow. So I began to think about this “phrase of the year” thing again. I was eating lunch and writing a short little note to a real special person and it hit me…THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!! It just struck me, just like that and I thought “HOW PERFECT!!!”. Since Saturday, that idea has been stuck in my head and resonating in my being. I had to tweak it a little bit to “2012, THIS IS THE BEST YEAR YET!!!” that way I am open to even better years in the future. Actually I think every year is better and better and I think it is a great time to sit for a moment and be grateful for that fact. Each year reveals to me a little more about me, and the more I know about me, the better.
How about you? Have you set any intentions for the year? What kind of a feeling does 2012 give you? Any plans, moves, changes? Is life how you want it to be or is there something or some role you need to step into? Let’s get going…we only get one chance…lets make it THE BEST YEAR YET!!!
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