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I got it…bad!  I made a HUGE shift in the style and format of my blog and my mind has been trying to process it ever since.  Change is the only thing constant in this lifetime, however it is amazing how much of a challenge it is at times. I am excited about this new blog and I hope you enjoy it as well!

I have made some really big life changes in this past month also and I have needed a little extra time and space to process all of that.  All good things, really good things, but nonetheless it has been a huge shift.

Standup Paddleboarding at sunset

It almost feels like if my life was a deck of cards and I threw it all up in the air…the processing sometimes feels like I am picking up each card one by one, and placing them in a orderly pile again.

I have learned a lot about myself in this time.  I have a strong awareness that I am a “practical” person when it comes to life and especially when it comes to buying things.  I buy things that are useful and necessary, or something that I can use in a couple different areas of my life, or something that I can use now but will fit my life for a long time in the future, or something that I can use and someone else could get some use out of it as well, or something that just makese sense.  It would be fun, and I know you would get a kick out of it, if there was a way to record my internal dialogue when I am in the process of making a purchase.

I remember back when I was just over a year into practice and I was out shopping.  I came across a sweater that I absolutely loved and I really wanted to buy it.  Being a student for so many years, the thought of buying a sweater that costs over $70 (or any article of clothing besides a winter jacket) was not even in question.  I saw the sweater, I tried it on, it was (and still is) beatufiul and I knew I would get good use out of it.  It took me 5 phone calls to girlfriends and a call to my mother in order for me to rationalize and justify the purchase.  So if that was what happened on the outside, just imagine the internal dialogue, I torture myself at times when it comes to making almost all purchases.

What I realize in the midst of the interal dialogue termoil is that it takes some fun out of it, being practical all the time takes some fun out of life.  Then add to that the fact that the weeks, months and years are slipping by life going WAY TOO FAST!!!

So my goal is to have more fun.  Do more things that make me smile and laugh and not take things so seriously.  I will be playing my music loudly and singing and dancing in my car…and at home with Choco (my chocolate lab)…on a regular basis.  If you see me, JOIN ME!  I will hang out with people that inspire me and look for groups of people to be around that make me laugh.  I will spend more time seeing the world through the eyes of litlte ones…my neices and nephew and all the rest of the kids in my practice and in my life.  I will spend more time around the water, at the yoga studio, in my kayak, in my running shoes, in my swimming goggles, on my paddleboard, with my family and with my friends, and in front of the computer blogging…because that is what I love to do!

What things to you love to do?  Life is so, so short…and we only get one chance.


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