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This past weekend I felt very blessed to reconnect with some good friends of mine after years of being apart.  As many of you know, I got married when I was 19 years old.  I know, I know…what on Earth was I thinking, right?   I sometimes laugh when people tell me they get the impression that I have my life together.  All I have to say to that is you should have seen me when I was 19!!!  The difference between then and now is that at 19 I didn’t have anything figured out and I thought I did, and now I still don’t have anything figured out and I know and have accepted that its possible I never will.  Life is an amazing teacher and the more we live, the more we learn, or at least I can only speak for myself.

On Saturday I got to spend some time with my ex-husband’s family.  He, and they, were part of my life for 10 years.  He was not there this weekend but his sister, whom I was pretty close with, was home visiting family.  She called ahead of time to let me know her, her husband and their NEW BABY were going to be in the area and that it would be great to share a meal.  It worked out that we met at my ex-in-law’s (I really do not like that phrase) home and sat around the table with her parents and ate lunch. 

It was a wonderful couple of hours as there was so much to catch up on.  Being in someone’s life for that long, really gets one intertwined in all of the family’s life happenings.  We caught up about family, extended family, life events, work, dreams for the future, and of course I got to meet her new baby.  The time spent was wonderful, priceless and I feel so blessed.  These people were a very big part of my life from the time I was 17 to the end of my 20s.  Those are some impressionable years and in each their own way, they helped shape me to be the person I am today.  I am forever grateful for their love, support, genrosity, compassion, reliability, entertainment, fun, teaching and connection.  They are all near and dear friends of mine though our lives don’t allow for the “near” part of that equation much anymore.   

My divorce was very amicable and after being best friends for almost 10 years, we had promised to keep in touch as LIFE MOVES ON.  That has gone to the wayside as he is busy with work, a new family and a new baby of his own and my life is busy as well.  I am forever grateful for all the adventures we had and all that we taught each other and learned together.  I am forever grateful to his family and feel blessed to reconnect from time to time.  

LIFE DOES MOVE ON.  I still do not have anything figured out though I feel blessed to have these and other angels come and guide me though parts of my own personal journey.  My heart overflows with gratitude.  Thank you…you all know who you are. 



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