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Some friendships bridge all concepts of time and space.  I am sure you have someone like that in your life. It has been close to 2.5 years since I have seen one of my greatest friends, Lana.  Time never seems to matter with us.

In June, we spent a beautiful long weekend in the Dominican Republic at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (if you happen to be heading that way, I highly recommend this spot).  Fenton Chiropractor Soul Sisters

The resort was amazing, the food was wonderful and, of course, the company I was with was the best part.

Life has twists and turns and many ups and downs.  Sometimes managing our own lives at home can be enough, much less trying to stay closely connected with friends that are 3 time zones away.  Lana and I do not get to actually talk much, but we hang with each other in spirit all the time.

We had 4 solid days of uninterrupted “girl time”;  no homes to take care of, no kids to tend to, no practices to worry about…just time together.  Absolutely priceless.

We talked about life and practice and family and challenges and books and nutrition and growth and men and helping others and health and workouts and friends and clothes and love and adventures and…and…and…

We had some great meals together.  We had a 2 hour walk on the beach.  We had some serious laughs.  We had a blast.  When Lana and I met, we knew we were kindred souls.  As time has gone by, it is apparent we have always been connected in some form.  We think alike, ride the same wavelength and our lives have run parallel learning a lot of the same lessons at the same times.

Its friends like Lana (and there are a few others I connect with at this level, you know who you are) that make this life so much sweeter.

Did I mention that she earned this trip and had an extra spot for me to just go along for the ride?  What a gift.  Truly a gift and when I look at the generosity of a friend like that, I am grateful to tears.

I am hoping that our next time together isn’t 2.5 years from now, I am pretty confident it will be sooner than that.  Though she lives in wine country in Northern California, I feel her support by my side on a daily basis.  Thank you my dear friend.  Thank you.


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I am a rule-follower.  I was born that way.  I have always had a keen sense of what was right and wrong and always chose the former.  Over the years I have also learned that some really great experiences come from following my bliss.

I had an incredible day this past Sunday.  The best part was riding bikes in downtown Detroit.  I have grown to really love that city.  It has come a long way and still has a long way to go, but if you haven’t been down there lately, make it a point to spend an afternoon right downtown.

As my friend and I were riding bikes, there was this constant “hum” in the background of the city.  After a bit, we realized it was coming from the Chevrolet Grand Prix that was happening on Belle Isle that day.  Curiosity was piqued and we headed that direction.

Fenton Chiropractor Grand Prix

Mobs of people, buses and police cars clogged up the streets on Belle Isle and so it was perfect to be riding a pedal bike and we gained quick access to the area.

I have never understood the draw to auto racing.  It always just seemed like cars endlessly going around in circles.  I began to slightly understand it when I first started checking and adjusting some race car drivers in my chiropractic office, Cafe of LIFE.  The intense stress their bodies are in during those races, for an extended period of time, in that position…I am not sure you can compare it to any other sport. Chiropractic care has helped these gentleman as they chase their passion of going faster than the rest.

As I approached the track, I could tell that without having a ticket, we were going to have limited viewing capability.  We pulled our bikes into a parking lot and I began scanning the area for the best spot.  As I got closer and closer to the track, it was absolutely amazing how fast these cars were going.  I have never seen anything like it.  And then to think there are guys in those cars, making split second decisions for hours at a time…it truly was incredible.

I found a small utility pole that was close to the fence and was the perfect size for 2 size 8.5 feet to stand on comfortably.   It was about 2.5 feet off the ground so it gave me clear view of the track and was about 20 feet away from where the cars were driving.  I had a really great view.

My “rule-following” mind said, that is not an okay thing to stand on…who knows what it actually is…it could break…I am sure someone will tell me to get down.

But I got up there anyway and, with my fingers in my ears to block out some of the intense noise, I stood and enjoyed a bit of the Grand Prix race.

Down the way I could see an ATV with some policemen heading my direction.  I was pretty convinced they were coming over to tell me to get down.  As I watched them approach, I was thinking that if I don’t actually make eye contact with them, they may just pass me by.

Fenton Chiropractor Grand Prix 1

 I could feel them approach.  I pretended they weren’t there.  I could sense them bring their vehicle to a stop and I acted as though I had no idea and because my fingers were in my ears, I could also pretend that I couldn’t hear whatever requests they were giving me.  I was enjoying the race from my perch and I really didn’t want to get down.

It got to a point when I could no longer ignore them sitting there behind me.  I had to turn around as I was approaching the amount of time that “ignorance” turns to just plain “rudeness” by not acknowledging them.  I knew my fun was over.

I turned around and smiled at the officers and to my surprise…they were trying to get my attention to be able to hand me a SET OF EARPLUGS!!!!I

I was shocked and so thankful.  And then I started laughing at myself and my internal dialogue that led up to that moment.  I know better than to make assumptions.  I was creating anxiety inside of myself because of that assumption, which also led to beliefs that were not true.

Now…by no means am I encouraging you to participate in delinquent behavior, stand on utility poles or disobey any rules.  I do want to encourage you to attend the Grand Prix the “right” way and purchase a ticket.  Above all that, I want to encourage you to follow your bliss.  Have more fun with your day to day stuff and seek out adventures.

As I look back, I consider that day one of my most favorite days of this year so far.  It wasn’t filled with exciting things, it was just a day of hanging with a friend, riding bikes, no obligations and chance to go on an adventure following my bliss.

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