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I was on my way up to the top of a mountain with 2 other doctors when I was pulled from the car

to go serve in a school with 720 children.  I am here to serve and will go where I am needed and

WOW!!! what awesome opportunities!!!  Can you imagine a well adjusted school, much less a well

adjusted elementary school?  What a concept, huh?Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 9

When the children see us with our tables, they do not know exactly what is going to happen,

but they can tell they are in for a treat.  We were given the room above and the children

piled in and filled up the seats and each took their turn.

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 10
I adjust a lot of children at the Cafe of LIFE and one of the things it really helps

with is when children are stuck on the “gas pedal” in their bodies.  They run and

run and run and run, and are just being children.  Some can become sometimes

difficult to manage and often times that is when they are stuck in “gas pedal” mode.  Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 13
Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 14

Chiropractic care helps get off the “gas pedal” and apply some brakes.  Getting adjustments helps them to find a better balance in their entire body thus improving their quality of life, as well as those around them.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 15

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 11

This morning at the school, Dr. Austin and I were going to go it together.  We adjusted non-stop for a couple hours and then as Dr. Haley was finishing with her community in the upper elevations, the driver dropped her off with us.  I have to say we were relieved to have another set of hands willing to serve.

I would be interested to know how the afternoon at the school went after everyone got checked this morning…including the teachers!!!  The concept of a well adjusted school seems like it would be a dream come true for the education system.  Anywhere.



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As I laid “boca abajo” or face down on the table to get my own spine checked this afternoon, my heart, which had swelled to triple its normal size today, burst wide open. My teammate noticed my tears and asked “are you alright?” The best I could describe to him was “I am just raw”.

I am not sure which was more significant to me today:
1) Being invited to set up an “office” on someone’s lawn and share space with their chickens.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 1

2) The little boy who was being dragged by the arm to get adjusted, who refused but hung out for 3 hours and watched, and then finally got on the table completely open and ready to have his spine checked.
3) The Quechua village women who all got adjusted and then sat as the rest of the village showed up and helped them understand how to go about the process of getting their spines checked.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 2
4) Checking and adjusting an infant dressed in layers of beautiful wool as he breastfed in his mother’s lap.
Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 35) Serving side by side with one of the most incredible women I know.
Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 46) Being stopped on the road and invited right into someone’s dirt floor home to set up our tables and serve their community because they caught wind that there were chiropractors in our car as we drove by.  Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 5
7) The intense dirt road drive up this mountain along side 500 foot drop offs and not guard rails.
8) The beautiful travel nurse that understands chiropractic care and educates these communities when we show up.  A special shout out to our driver that chose to carry our tables for us, take pictures and help the people understand what we were doing and how to participate.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 8

9) The huge language barrier we were dealing with as neither of us speak Quechuan, but realizing a smile and laughter is a universal language.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 6

10) The roaring laughter as these communities were lit up and a chance to be a small part of their lives.
We have documented our day well and without these pictures, you would never truly be able to grasp the extent of it all. Truly a blessing.
When serving like this, all the “stuff” is stripped away. The documentation, monetary exchange, health insurance coverage, the bills to run an office, the layers and layers of things that are required to run a successful office in the country where we live. And then when you no longer have language to communicate…it becomes raw. It is a  deep look into beautiful stranger”s eyes, a soul to soul connection, a smile and the purest intention to give, love and serve from a deep, abundant well inside of me. It is the most beautiful thing I know of in this entire world.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 7

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