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The most incredible thing is happening today and I am positive by the end of this post, you will be saying “THAT’S INCREDIBLE!” too!

Many of you remember the post I made about My First Best Friend back in April.  My cousin, Danielle, who also happens to be my very first best friend in my life, her husband had a sudden brain bleed.  At the moment it happened, it was beyond belief, “things like that don’t happen to people I know” was my initial thought.

But it really did happen and it has changed the course of their lives forever.

You may have remembered a couple months after that initial post, I wanted to give you an update of their status, and posted A Smile.

Today, this morning, 6 months and 2 weeks to the day…Scott is coming home.  THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!!!Fenton Chiropractor Incredible

They have transferred to many different places and for the past few months have been over in Grand Rapids, a little too far for me to travel regularly to visit with them.  I have done what I could to let her know I am here with her every step of the way, and mostly through text message.  Although text seems impersonal at times, I know their days are filled with therapies and when she was not there with him, she was driving back home to Durand daily to take care of her home and her boys.

Here is a little snippet of the past 6 months between her and I.


Me:  “Sending you love.  How are you guys doing?”
Danielle:  “I am hanging in there.  It has been tough but I know he is going to come through this.”

Danielle:  “He started moving his hands and playing with my wedding ring today!”
Me:  “Awesome!  THAT’S INCREDIBLE!!”

Danielle:  “He is blinking his eyes and seems to be able to focus on things.”
Me:  “Good.  I am so relieved.  THAT’S TRULY INCREDIBLE!”

Danielle:  “I finally got him to smile.  It was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen…”
Me:  “Wow!  That is totally awesome!!”

Danielle:  “He mouthed ‘I love you’ to me when I left today.”
Me:  “Oh my goodness!  THAT’S INCREDIBLE!”

Danielle:  “He was able to speak some words out loud today.”

Danielle:  “His memory is good and improving every day.”
Me:  “That guy is amazing!  THAT’S SO INCREDIBLE!!”

Danielle:  “He held an instrument and started to play some chords today.”

Danielle:  “He was able to eat solid foods today.”

Danielle:  “We got to go on a drive today.”
Me:  “I bet that was amazing.  So INCREDIBLE!”

Danielle:  “He is being accepted to a program that only takes success cases.  They expect complete recovery.”

Danielle:  “He stood up today.  I almost forgot how tall he is.”

Danielle:  “He is walking with a walker today.”

Danielle:  “He is walking on his own with minor assistance.”

Danielle:  “We got a release date for him to finally come home!!!”
Me:  “Holy cow!!!  That guy is AMAZING!!!  THAT”S INCREDIBLE!!!!”


When I would respond to all of these things that he was able to gain back after losing everything, my usual response truly was, “THAT’S INCREDIBLE!” because it was and is.  She would always reply back to me with “Yes, he is truly remarkable.”  or “Yes, he is just incredible.”

Every bit of the recovery he has made has been incredible.  When doctors change their tone from “he is not going to make it” one day, to “Wow!  We didn’t expect that to happen!” and “He is not doing what we normally expect in this situation.” the very next day…it was incredible.

It is not over, their journey is still going to be long and winding and there is a lot of work to do.  He has come so far but please keep praying and sending healing thoughts towards them.  She is an angel and deserves a lot of credit.  I have never seen anyone love so much, push so hard, encourage so much, learn so much, fight for someone, support so gracefully, get so involved and be so strong.  She has a gift.  She is a gift.  He is a gift.  And the love that exists between those two is a gift to this world.  It truly is incredible!


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