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A return trip to Alaska has been on my list for a few years now.  As many of you know, I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 3.5 years.  Though I am a Michigan State University fan through and through and began my undergraduate degree at MSU, my true Alma Mater is University of Alaska Anchorage.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Denali 2

I moved to Anchorage in 1998.  I left to pursue my doctorate degree in 2001 and this was my first chance to get back there to explore that beautiful state.

When I look back to 14-17 years ago, I hardly recognize who I was at that point in my life.  So much has changed in my entire being, that truly feels like a completely different lifetime.

Stepping off the plane and driving from the airport to our hotel was surreal.  All the little neurons that hold memories of that place started to fire in my mind.  I could remember some streets, but not all of them.  I could remember the layout of the city, but still needed a map.  It was such a familiar place yet so far away and removed that it had a really cool and new feeling to me.

Our first stop was University of Alaska campus.  When I lived there, I wore very different clothing.  All of my logo wear from UAA was oversized hoodie sweatshirts and I needed to update some of those pieces.  Being back on Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Denali 1campus was surreal.  I completed 3.5 years on that campus but it was so foreign to me.  Did I even go here???  3.5 years of my life is a long time, long enough to have traveled that campus by foot to and from class over and over and over again, it seems like I should remember something.  It was like being in the twilight zone and being in a place I had never been before.

I decided to purchase an alumni license plate cover so that I can see it on a daily basis as a reminder of that era of my life.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Denali 3

Completing that visit to campus, we heading out towards the mountains.  Our destination was Denali National Park.  The drive was incredible; the mountains, the water, the scenery, the music in the car, the conversation, the memories, the company, all of it.  It was so great to be back.

The days are long in Alaska this time of year.  In fact, the days never end once you get far enough north.  The sun sets but it never gets dark and I am not sure it actually sets as much as it tucks behind the mountains for a few hours.

The next day we took a 12 hour bus ride into Denali National Park.  If you ever go there, you can only drive your car 15 miles in.  Anything beyond that, you have to get on a shuttle bus.  When you go, get on one of those buses because there is so much more to see out there beyond 15 miles, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The day finished with a hike to our campsite.  I think the hike was a little over a mile, or 2 miles or more miles if you take the wrong path.  Yup, absolutely found that out through experience.

I am renewed and refreshed in the mountains.  I am renewed and refreshed with lots of hugs.  I got a lot of both of those things by the second day of vacation.

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My return to Alaska was such a tremendous experience.  The lessons are trickling through my days as this week has gone by.  Pictures do not do the place justice…but I tried.  Stay tuned, I have a lot more to share.



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I headed over to Grand Rapids a few weekends ago to watch my friend run the River Bank 25K.  He is not used to someone being interested enough in the road race scene to want to travel the distance to sit for a couple of hours and watch.  What he is learning is that I am interested, however, I am not going to just sit and watch.  There was a 5K and a 10K option for that morning and I figured I could easily pull one of those off.

You all know that I run for medals.  I don’t always need a participation medal when I am finish a long distance race…wait, yes I do.  I knew there was a rather large and fancy medal involved for the 25K, that is 15.5 miles and kind of a big deal!  Maybe I could finish that distance?  “I think I can.”  The seed of “25K finisher possibility” was planted and my mission became to find out if there was a medal for 5K and 10K participants, and if so, how big?

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan 25K finish 2We walked around the expo and picked up his number.  They were still taking registrations for all 3 races however I found out that the 5K and the 10K finished with an “oversized lapel pin”.  I am not sure what size “oversize” is but I did know that the 25K medal, if I could finish it, would be totally worth the trip to the west side of the state, and the seed of “25k finisher possibility” started to grow.

So I sat down to fill out the registration form and since the seed had been planted and was growing, when it got to the place that I had to check the box for which race I was going to run, I checked the 25K box.   I figured there is a chance that I cannot finish that distance.  There is also a really good chance that I COULD finish it and HUGE PAYOFF of getting to sport that medal around my neck for the rest of the day.  “I think I can.”  I have run a marathon, many half-marathons (13.1 miles) including one last fall, however the longest distance I had recently run was only 6 miles.

I was nervous.  I was very, very nervous.  My friend and I started the race together and I told him “I am pretty sure I am in over my head right now.”  He looked over at me and said “I bet you will surprise yourself.  See you at the finish line.”

So I started.   “I think I can.”

And I kept going.   “I think I can.”

And going.  “I think I can.”

And going.   “I think I can.”

The miles were ticking down.  The 11-minute-mile pacers passed me at mile 8.  From that point I was determined not to let the 12-minute-mile pacers pass me no matter what.

At mile 12, just when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore, I saw a woman running with a metal stick in her hand.  When I looked closer, I realized it was the 12-minute-mile pacing group.  They were not going to pass me.  I would run with them but they are not passing me.  That is just the simple facts here, they are not passing me.  “I think I can.”Chiropractor Fenton Micighan 25K finish 1

I allowed my strides to be determined by the woman holding that sign.  She was one of the most excited and upbeat people I had seen all day and I was so very grateful for her enthusiasm.  I needed it.

If you have ever run that particular race, it finishes in the downtown area with an uphill section leading to the finish line.  There are moments in all of my long distance running that I find myself in tears of gratitude just for the simple fact that my body allows me to do something like that.  I got to that hill and that tears-of-gratitude point all at the same time and I began to hyperventilate.  I am running and training almost everyday, but was in awe and disbelief that I could run 15.5 miles with so little long-distance training (this is not something I recommend) and feel good.  The hyperventilation forced me to slow my pace and lose that 12 minute group but I could see the word “finish” stretched across the street so I just let go.  “I can.”

Finishing that race is a really proud moment in my life.  Overcoming the limitations of what I think I can’t do is a big deal to me and is what makes life so rich.  We have to brush up against our limitations in order to really push them and having those 2 phrases “I bet you will surprise yourself.” and “See you at the finish line.” are just what I needed to make that happen that day.

I want to leave you with a question…What limitations have you put on yourself and have you ever tested to see if they are accurate?

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”  -Henry Ford

I think I can.




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I was a lucky kid.  I got my spine checked and adjusted by a chiropractor for as long as I can remember.  I went to an office right here in town where CRUST is located right now.  My mom took my brothers and I at least once per month to make sure we were growing and developing normally.

This morning I started a woman under care that is 82 years old.  She was an absolute delight and she got talking about this “old chiropractor that used to be right downtown Fenton” that she used to go to and take her children when they were growing up.

It just so happens to be the same chiropractor that my family went to.

I have to share the story she shared with me.  You all know we see a lot of children at Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic however sometimes I don’t get a chance to really share much of the “WHY” we see children.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Marry Poppins

She started off with a story of her son, when he was 10 years old, decided to parachute off the neighbor’s roof using an open umbrella.  Mary Poppins flew around with an umbrella and everyone can probably see exactly why a child might try to make that happen.

This young man came crashing down and fortunately wasn’t hurt too badly…or so they thought at the time.

The very next morning this young boy woke up and couldn’t talk.  He could move his mouth but no voice or sound would come out.  They immediately went to see their medical doctor.  That doctor ran all kinds of test on this young boy, all tests were negative.  They sent him home with breathing treatments and some sort of cough syrup.  While he was on breathing treatments and syrup, he was able to do some talking but it had to be a constant daily regimen.  It never resolved it, just kept symptoms at bay.  After some time, the medical professionals recommended surgery to help this issue however they only gave them 50/50 chance of regaining his voice and the other half was losing his ability to vocalize completely.

Mom started wondering “how am I going to tell this 10 year old boy that he cannot talk much and cannot talk loudly and to save his voice?”

Her chiropractor at the time mentioned that maybe she should bring him in and see if he could help with this issue.

“Talking and voice issues and chiropractic care?”  Ultimately she decided this has to be better than surgery and they would give it a try.  Within just a few short months of starting regular chiropractic care, he healed.  His voice and ability to vocalize returned to normal.

So how does this work?  Children jump and fall and traumatize their bodies all the time.  The nerve system is the master control center of the body and is housed within the spinal column.  If there is interference in the connection wires of the nerve system, the body cannot heal and grow and develop as normal and all kinds of things can be a little bit “off”.  Over time, that little bit “off” can build up leading to further stress and even further diminished communication within the body, and potentially symptoms.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Umbrella

The nerves in the neck supply all the things in the head, face, shoulders, arms and hands.  Guess what?  Vocal cords and ability to use your voice is controlled by nerves in the neck.  If the nerves are off, thing can go a little haywire.  This young man had interference in the nerves in the neck even though he did not fall and land on his head.

The bottom line is the body works better with a good nerve supply.  Does chiropractic care fix voices?  No, we help normalize the body and allow it to heal.  Chiropractic care was discovered when an adjustment restored hearing to a man that had gone deaf.  Does that mean chiropractic care cures deafness?  No, not a chance.  We are always assisting the body to do its job better…all of its jobs.

I feel so lucky to have been checked and adjusted since I was little.  If you ask all of my brothers, they would say the same thing and are choosing the same for their children right now.  Fortunately for me, I get to care for those precious littles since we all live close to each other.

If we take care of the spine in the younger stages of life, there is a higher potential of growing, healing and developing normally and that is why we see so many children at the Cafe of LIFE.  I loved this woman’s story because I think we all know a child or were a child that thought we could fly or at least wanted to give it a try!!  I also love this story because it reminded me of where my love for chiropractic first started.

I am opening up this conversation to everyone.  If you have questions about your children and how chiropractic could help them, reach out and let me help you understand better.  Email me at  I would love to hear from you!



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