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To me, living fully is the most important concept in running my daily life.

If I get an invite somewhere, I take it.

If I get an opportunity to do something, I say yes and make it happen.

If I have an idea, I try it on and see if I can make it work.

To live fully is to take every opportunity to say “yes” and explore life!

When we got orders to go to Anchorage, Alaska, the decision was literally made on a “why not?” philosophy.  Why would we go?  Why not!  I have to tell you it was one of the most incredible experiences that has shaped my entire life from that point forward.  Going back to revisit was amazing.

Humans get involved in analysis paralysis, stuck in our thoughts and in our heads.  We think too much and it stunts our movement forward.  I want to challenge you when the next opportunity presents itself, see if you can answer it with a “YES!” instead of thinking too much (of course as long as it is safe and reasonable).  Take the opportunities that help us live fully.  We only get once chance to live this life.  Let me know how it goes!


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I have to update you on this incredible story.

Do you remember my beautiful cousin, Danielle (My First Best Friend) and her husband Scott?  Well it has been over a year and I have to share this beautiful clip with you.

Videos tell the best stories.

She is so inspiring.

He is so inspiring.

They love they share is so inspiring.


I hope you found a little smile, a little bit of joy and maybe some hope for your day, your family and your life.

What an incredible story!





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