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Hello everyone!!!  I certainly hope you are loving the snow as much as I am.  I am such a kid at heart and love getting bundled up and playing outside.  I have seen a few things in my chiropractic office, Cafe of LIFE, I want to cover and wanted to specifically give you two tips for the holidays to help get through the season as well as winter.

I have made a quick 6 minute video to cover these things and I encourage you to watch “Two Tips for the Holidays” by clicking the YouTube Clip right here!

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I missed connecting with you prior to the first major snow of the season as well as the first major holiday.  However it is still early in December and I know these “Two Tips for the Holidays” will help you no matter what.

FIRST TIP:  The first tip is for shoveling snow.  Most of my patients have been shoveling snow over the past couple days.  We ended up with 10 FRESH INCHES OF SNOW!!!!  on Sunday and into Monday.  I JUST LOVE THE FIRST SNOW!!!  And I really love that we got SO MUCH!!!

When we have to shovel snow, most of us are in a hurry and I would like to bring a little bit of mindfulness and awareness to the process.  SHOVEL LESS SNOW PER PUSH AND DO MORE REPS!!  This means instead of waiting for the full 10 inches to fall at one time, go out every 2 inches or so and work with that much.  Or if you have no other choice than to do the full 10 inches at one time, do it is smaller increments.  In other words, less weight in your shovel.

Shoveling snow can be a major workout and so let’s be mindful.

TIP NUMBER 2:  Often times when we are prepping for holiday parties, cooking can begin very early in the day and go on for hours.  I would say 99% of kitchens have hard floors: tile, wood or linoleum or something like that.  When we stand hours on hard surfaces, it can really take a toll and add a lot of stress on our bodies.  My suggestion is when you get up and you know that you will be cooking and prepping a big meal, put sneakers on your feet before you get started, and this goes for more than just during the holidays. Also the same goes for holiday shopping.  If you have a lot of shopping to do, go out there in good supportive sneakers since that is often long hours on hard surfaces.

So just a quick two tips for the holidays message from your local chiropractor.  I realize that these are super small things and just by having awareness of them, we can move through our holiday season with a little more ease.  Also feel free to share this post and information with your friends and family and make the “most wonderful time of the year” even better!!!

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“Nothing” is my answer.

I was at a family party last Saturday night.  Of course at this age, everyone wants to know how my dating life is and of course, most also know that I am working on building a house, so they are asking about my house.

I walk in the door and greet my cousin (who is sort of in the same boat as I am in life) and her and I discuss much deeper topics and catch up for a few moments.

The next corner I turn, I run into another cousin and the question is “What’s going on with your dating life?’

I respond, “Nothing.”

“Oh really?  Ok.  Well then tell me what progress you have made with your house?”Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Dr Erica Peabody - Nothing

“Nothing”  And honestly at this point in time I don’t really feel like talking about it if that is all I am to this person.  So I cut that conversation quickly and turn the next corner of the house and run into an aunt, “What’s happening with your dating life?  What’s going on with your house?”

“Nothing.  Nothing.”

“No really, what is happening?”

“No really, nothing.”

I turn the conversation around on them and ask some questions about life but it was almost like I had sort of put the kibosh on the connection by answering my truth, which is “nothing”.

I turned yet another corner and a family friend started the same conversation with me all over again.  And then of course is the ever so cliche comment of “How is someone like you still single?” which I constantly hear from every corner of my life.

“Who knows.  Good question.” …and I really mean that.

So here is the deal, people, I am FAR MORE than who I am dating and where I am living!  In fact, I believe the contrast on that particular evening was so strong because I spent the entire day leading up to that party at a most incredible and enlightening seminar on “Developmental Neurobiology” and although I couldn’t necessarily convey all of the information I learned that day in that seminar, I could have shared some.  I am also working on a full Pediatric Chiropractic Certification which is far above and beyond the normal chiropractic degree and is a 2 year post-graduate program put on by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association that I am incredibly passionate about.

I also have started taking an intense kettlebell class that is changing my entire physical makeup and spending my time at some of the coolest yoga classes.  I also have done a ton of reading and lots of writing, hung out with some great friends and am planning or just went on a trip most of the time.

I also am a pretty awesome Aunt E and I could share lots of stories about my amazing nieces and nephews and the time we have spent together.

But to these people, I am defined by who I date and where I am living.  And quite frankly, since NOTHING is going on with either of those, to them, maybe I am nothing. ..and that is ok by me.

Maybe these people, as we all do from time to time, are looking for some juice somewhere in life that they can share out in the world somehow and in someway.  I don’t really get it.

So I decided that I would sit down next to an interesting friend of the family and chat about running a ski resort, which is what he does, and I learned a LOT!!!  Then I moved on to a couple I haven’t seen in a while but really enjoy to chat about the year just gone by and the year ahead; plans, experiences, travels, fun, laughs, work…all those kinds of things.  I have decided that one or two good conversations in an evening like that is worth way more than trying to get around to everyone and stay as the “single homeless girl” (exaggerated description but you get the idea).

In saying all of that, I am also not really all that skilled in small talk to begin with.  It is not my strong suit as many of you already know.  That is definitely one of my faults but I’m alright with that.  I also realize and am so very grateful that I get to live the blessed life that I do, this is not talking negative about any of that.

Someone said to me the other day, “You know, you have a lot of dating experiences that you should share a little bit about sometime…and I thought to myself that maybe I will.  Stay tuned for maybe some stories over the next phase of this blog as hopefully my “nothing” will start to transpire into an incredible SOMETHING!!!  …or at least that is my hope, on many fronts, but house and relationships in specific. l.






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Hello Everyone!!!  Happy December!!!  Over the past couple years, my chiropractic office Cafe of LIFE has chosen to forgo sending out holiday cards and use that money to increase our donation.

We have decided that it is more important to help those who need assistance fulfilling their basic human needs (of food in particular at this point).

Here is a quick clip of what we do with the money we would normally spend for sending out holiday cards.

YouTube Preview Image

We want to do the most good we can this holiday season and we have discovered sending donation to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is one of the best ways to spread our donation as far and wide as possible while serving our local area.  It is astounding that one single dollar can provide 6 meals inside their system.  That is some serious buying power!!!

We trust you are accepting of our choice to increase our donation this year.  In saying all of that, we are still excited and will gladly accept your holiday cards.  In fact, we look forward to it!   Happy Holidays!!!!



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