A MINI CLINIC???????????????????

So I just had one of my practice members ask me if I had heard of a “Mini Clinic”. I haven’t, so naturally I asked her to explain it. She and 12 women get together one evening per month for some time away from the family. She went last night and said one woman was taking about “Mini Clinics” that are popping up all over Metro-Detroit. A “Mini Clinic” is a place inside the CVS stores that is staffed by a nurse practitioner. For the low fee of just $10.00, you can bring your child in and if the nurse practitioner is able to somewhat diagnose your child with something that may or may not be helped by antibiotics, they will send you home with a filled prescription. WHAT????????????????? Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Is it clear to anyone what the pharmaceutical companies are doing? Can you see how this would be a huge money-maker for the “BIG PHARMA”? You are right, $10.00 is a very small fee and is not where they will be making the money. The money is made from the side effects of antibiotic therapy. Do you think this may be linked to the anti-biotic resistant monster bacteria that are being created right now? You know, the ones that start off as common easy-to-fight-off infections and end with death…HELLO PEOPLE!!! Use some logic and put this all together. More antibiotics, decreased immune function, more illness, more sick days, more antibiotics, serious illnesses, more drugs/antibiotics, more MD office visits, more hospital visits, = MORE MONEY FOR THE BIG PHARMA, more money into their marketing and advertising, and the cycle continues. You have a choice. Break free from this cycle, make good health choices, make decisions that further your health and wellness and stay the course. Our bodies were created to be self-healing and self-regulating. Let your body do it’s job!!!

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  • Posted by sandraheikkinen on March 18, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    I don’t like the idea of “fast food medicine” either, hate that medicine is overprescribed, and personally avoid taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary — but to be fair, clinics like this (for better or worse) are probably the only way a lot of uninsured people can afford any treatment at all. And if I had kids, and it was either getting them a prescription or doing nothing — particularly if I couldn’t afford to fill their bodies with good foods, etc. — I’d sign up.

  • Posted by Tisha on March 19, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    jonah’s had antibiotics i think 3 times in his almost 2 years (2 of those times I wish I would have remembered the garlic oil for ear infections instead!) AND he’s a daycare kid! I attribute it to my belief in the body healing itself with the help of chiropractic and accupuncture! Thank you Erica for helping me to see the light! Save your $10 and put it toward a chiropractic visit.

    I don’t remember the last time I went to see my me. 🙂