If you are following me on this journey, you know that I am currently building a house. In fact, this week they are finishing with the foundation.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Foundation - Dr Erica Peabody This house project is about 1 year delayed but it is a tricky lot and there has been a lot of time spent on putting in the foundation. The house is set back into a hill and so the foundation has to be done in pieces and locked together.
The house project has been going on for quite a while and the one right next door finished just about a month ago. Of course because that one is ahead of us, it puts a bit of pressure from outsiders that are wondering why they aren’t finished at the same time. What they don’t realize is that the neighbors had their house plans in the works even before I had dreamed of purchasing my lot. Their efforts began much before mine did, but sitting side by side, onlookers forgot about that part.
I am fascinated by demolition as well as construction and I am the homeowner that sits on the sidelines, literally on the sidelines, and watches as much of the process as possible in person. I have a very talented builder working on my house and have been sitting right by his side since the very first line was drawn.
I feel very lucky to be part of the process but also even luckier to be privy to the very beginnings and all pieces along the way.
Currently it is difficult to not spend every extra minute out there watching what they are doing on a day to day basis.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Foundation - Dr Erica Peabody It started with excavation and then on to footings. Footings started with just boards for forms and then the cement was poured. At this point it felt like something was actually happening.
The next was forms for the foundation. Watching the crew work so hard and putting together this steel puzzle that would eventually be the foundation of my home, absolutely fascinating. I have an incredible team hired to do the foundation and to watch as they all worked together to make this thing happen was really interesting.
Then the pump truck pulls in and they start filling the forms with cement. I sat there and watched from the neighbor’s stairs as this puzzle soon became my basement.
It has been a beautifully sunshiny fall here in Michigan and that day was no exception. It was in the low 60s and the sun was shining on my face as I sat and watched them do this process.
I have been in awe of this entire building process but to actually watch something like this come together, I called my builder and said “It must be so gratifying to watch lines on paper become something!”
Not everyone will get a chance to put a mark on the Earth.
Not everyone who does get a chance to build will be able to watch the process every step of the way.
In that moment, I realized how strongly I was fighting back tears of

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Foundation - Dr Erica Peabody

gratitude. I had to have the events of my life to line up exactly the way they did in order to be able to have this chance. During this long and drawn out process, I had no idea if it was going to actually happen and, truthfully some of the process has been very very difficult and some of it actually quite painful.
The nay-sayers will always be there. The ones that want to give opinions on what to do and how to do it will always be waiting in the wings to chime in. I have heard “Do this.” “Don’t do that.” “Have you considered this?” “If I were you, I wouldn’t do that.”
Yup, you know what? We got this covered. There is a reason, well many many reason, why I am chosen the particular builder I am working with. In the midst of all of this I am confident he has it handled as he has shown me over and over and over.
In a moment, those tears of gratitude busted through the surface and I was balling.
Of course I am sure this looked so bizarre to the crew of guys that a woman would sit on the sidelines and ball her eyes out. It was a combination of tears along with laughter as it must have been a pretty bizarre energy coming through from me (I caught some of this in my instagram story:  follow me @drericapeabody)
So I am in this. I have been in this but I am truly in this in a way that I can feel it from head to toe. I have created this beautiful home in my mind for years now. It is amazing to see the beginnings of its foundation, a foundation that has so much strength it is palpable.
This also rolls over to the fact that I am currently building a strong foundation for my life in other ways. Using the visual of the powerful foundation that is built for my home as a vision for my future, I have confidence it will be able to withstand the many tests that come with time.

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In the chilling 30 degree wind, dodging rain drops and snow flakes, I learned something HUGE at the Michigan State vs. Ohio State football game last weekend. It begs me to start asking the question “Am I ready?” in my life on a regular basis.

If you know anything about either football team, they are both really good. My team, the Spartans, have finally put an excellent, high-quality team together after all these years and everyone knows that Ohio State is good and has been that way for a long, long time.

The teams came together at Spartan Stadium a week ago.  The anticipation surrounding that game was intense…everyone talking about it, looking forward to it, trash talking the other team, the whole thing.  It was probably one of the most highly anticipated games of the season in this region.Fenton Chiropractor MSU

If Ohio State beat my team, it really put the Spartans in a tough place.  After the previous season and a huge Rose Bowl win, this particular loss meant no playoffs at all and no big bowl game.

And that is exactly what happened.

I have to say that the better team won and I made an interesting observation while I was freezing my behind off sitting in the stands that night.

When Michigan State is up, they are up.  But when something goes wrong, they start moping around the field.

Sometime in the 2nd quarter there was a bad call by the refs.  With that bad call was our first unanswered touchdown drive.  Then, a missed field goal.  Coming out of that drive, Ohio State regains possession and you can see the mope happening in our team.  The mope of the players on the field begins this domino effect of the mope of the crowd in the stands.  It is as though the wind has been stripped out of our sails and all is doomed.  That may sound exaggerated but truly that is what it feels like to be in the stands.  The only hope for lifting energy in those moments is our fantastic marching band, but that only goes so far.

On the other hand, if Ohio State made a bad play, and there was a fumble and a few other turnovers, they stay on their horses and get right back out there.  They are ready every single time they get on the field and I can feel that from the stands.

One way this shows up as the game goes on is when the players take the field and get out to their starting positions, Ohio State players run/jog with enthusiasm all the way to their starting point.  Michigan State players take to the field with a jog, and if this start follows a play that didn’t go their way, they slow to a walk and take their starting positions.

Energetically this feels like OSU players are ready, really ready for whatever happens next.  Michigan State players are flat, they are settled into the ground, heavy and seem like they are hoping and praying for luck to turn in their favor.  Quite frankly, games are not won on luck alone.  I am not saying they truly are banking on luck, but that is what it feels like.  If the last play ended in their favor, they have a spunk to their step.   It is a pendulum that swings good and bad, high and flat, all game long and has for years.  …and the entire crowd in the stadium follows that lead.

It takes readiness and opportunity to win this college football game, but also the game of life.   When readiness isn’t there, opportunity is missed.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Am I Ready

So let me ask you, have you ever shown up with “flat” energy to a meeting for work?  Have you shown up with “flat” energy to the gym?  Have you ever shown up flat and moping for your shower in the morning?  I know for me, when I show up with flat energy to the gym or even for my morning shower, it takes exceptionally more energy to get moving than if I energetically jog up to my starting point.

People often ask me about my office and how we work so efficiently and handle serving people so easily.  I never realized it but unconsciously when I walk in the doors of Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic, I energetically jog.  My whole staff does this. The first person on my table is usually ready and waiting for me.  I don’t physically jog up to the table, but that is exactly where I am energetically.

Do I always feel like it?  No, however if I do it whether I feel like it or not, I start to take on that readiness feeling, it takes over my being, and I am able to serve from that place regardless of what was happening just minutes prior.

This also happens in my workouts.  Sometimes I just do not feel like moving.  If I can get to the place that I planned my workout, whether that be the gym, yoga studio or outdoor trail somewhere, and I can find it in me to jog into my starting position, everything gets easier from there.

How are you showing up?

Regardless of the awareness OSU’s team brought to me, by no means am I wanting you to become a Ohio State fan, we all know better than that!  What I would like to suggest is taking a moment in the morning and asking yourself “Am I ready?”.  Take a moment to notice what pace you are approaching your starting position.  Are you flat and moping into your starting position or are you jogging right up to that place?  If you can see that mope I have talked about above, make a shift, pick up your pace, lift up your chest.  No matter if the last play worked for you or against you, be ready.  Readiness wins games and I am thoroughly convinced it plays a HUGE role in the game of life as well.




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As I walk around the past few weeks, the word “lucky” comes up in my head over and over. It has been in the forefront of my mind lately how lucky I am. Some people will argue that there is no such thing as luck and to some respect, I would agree with that. I think Life puts things in our paths according to the work we have done, the energy we radiate and what we can handle. I have done and still continue to do my work…working on myself, my wounds, my strengths and my weaknesses. I feel lucky because some key areas in my life are coming together all at the same time…that is the luck that is on my mind lately and it pertains to work, family, my living situation and my personal life.

I am a doula (Doula is a word that has most closely become associated with a woman or man[1] who provides non-medical support to other women and their families during labour and childbirth, and also the postpartum period) and this past Monday I attended the most amazingly beautiful home water birth. It just so happens she went into labor on Monday morning and by my lunch period things were well underway. Let me set the scene for you…I walked in to peace, a dim lit home, light rhythmic music playing in the background, a fan blowing, Mom in the birthing tub, friend/doula by her side putting cold wash cloths on her back and neck, husband close by and checking in with Mom when necessary, mid-wife sitting back and waiting and watching with a supportive energy and soothing words, birth assistant ready to be the key support to the mid-wife, and the dog patiently watching over the room from a bed in the corner.

Her labor went on all morning but the actual pushing was a short 35 minutes to the birth of a beautiful baby boy. When mothers are adjusted through their entire pregnancy, labor and delivery times are quick since the body is balanced and ready. It was picture perfect. I checked and adjusted the little one within minutes of coming into the world, did what I could to help for about an hour, checked and adjusted everyone else and headed out and back to the Cafe of LIFE to serve for the afternoon. That was one incredible day!

In the midst of this beautiful scenario, I stepped back and thought to myself…how lucky am I! What an honor to be invited in to the most intimate moments in this particular family’s life. I feel lucky to be in this place, at this time and having the experiences I am. When I get to experience Innate Intelligence in its rawest form and bear witness to the strength of a woman in the moment of giving birth, I am humbled and forever grateful to have even been invited. Life is amazing…make sure you are getting out there and living it!

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