I have found an entire five layers of nothing.

What on Earth does that mean????

I AM OVER IT!!!!!!

I am over talking about this boot and I am REALLY OVER wearing it!  I am being restricted in my life but I also realize that the patience I have had and the grace I have afforded myself through this process has been the reason I am making any progress at all.

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Five Layers of Nothing - Dr Erica Peabody

I have always been an athlete and directly involved in the fitness industry through my late teens and all the way through my 20s.  These are the years when habits form and I have formed a strong habit of working out on a regular basis.

Prior to June of this year, I would have some sort of movement or exercise as part of my day,  every single day.  Intensity varied of course, some days it would be as simple as a 20-30 minute walk while others I would attend a 60 minute step class or a 75 minute hot vinyasa yoga class.

I live an active lifestyle, yes that is so true…but now I have realized something else.

In March 2017 is when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I trained hard leading up to that and of course the 8 days of climbing was the most grueling physical activity I have done in my life up to this point.

When I returned home I continued with my “normal” workouts but also jumped in on a 6 week yoga challenge at Bent Yoga.  The challenge was to do 32 classes in 42 days and started at the end of April through beginning of June.  As I did that and earned my free t-shirt, I was noticing an increase in pain over those weeks and so I decided that I would scale way back on my workouts.

Scaling back meant taking a month break from the hot vinyasa classes at the yoga studio, no step class and no running.  This felt like I was “doing nothing” as compared to what I had been doing for decades.

By the end of June, my hopes were to be able to start to train to run the Crim 10 mile road race that I have run every year for the past 12 years.  By the end of June, there was no way to start running as it was getting difficult to even walk which resulted in me putting an end to my regular walks.  Having to take that out of my regular days it really felt like I was “doing nothing”.

I was still going to the gym and mindfully walking around and lifting weights, core work and my boyfriend and I were still riding bikes (since that was not weight-bearing).  Although x-ray and MRI showed nothing was wrong, all of that got to be too much and I had to cut out bikes and all yoga and that really, really felt like I was “doing nothing”.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - The Second Strap - Dr Erica Peabody

Then it got to the point that weights had to go, gym time had to end completely because I was too tempted to do too much if I went to the gym.  If I did go to the gym, I would simply alternate going from the cold plunge to the hot tub and back to the cold plunge.  This was really the end, this time I was really “doing nothing”.

Just when I thought I was “doing nothing”, I would still be racing around my office all day long but then get home and want to spend my off-time shopping and getting other things done.  Then Mike put his foot down, raised his hand at me and said “Babe, just sit there.  Let me get your shoes for you.  What do you need upstairs?  Where is it and let me climb the stairs for you.  When you have time off of work, just chill and relax.”

This was the very end of “doing nothing”.  This was truly nothing.

Just when I thought I was “doing nothing” back in June, layers and layers of “doing nothing” showed up after it.  As I have chatted about this, I will sit back and laugh at how twisted and skewed my brain is surrounding physical activity.  I have laughed at just how ridiculous the standards I have kept for myself have been.

When I tell people this they ask me “How do you survive and keep your sanity while you are ‘doing nothing’?

Three words:  Meditation, gratitude lists and journaling.

When my major release of stress usually happens through physical activity, I had to find a good combination of some things I could commit to in order to keep my sanity.  All three of the above have been part of my wellness routine regularly over the past years however daily commitment to all three has been key.

So maybe that was part of the Universe’s plan during this “boot camp” of sorts.  I have found a lot of time to cultivate inner peace through this process and I actually feel really good.  Of course I am also itching to start walking and get back in the yoga studio regularly, however having these things in my regular day to day, allows me to be patient with this healing process.

Working all the way down through the five layers of nothing has been like peeling through the layers of an onion and although it has been difficult to sit still, I have learned so much.  More than anything I have found a real appreciation of the difference between the time to do lots of things and the time to truly do nothing.  …and Universe, if you are listening, may I pretty please with sugar on top get back to at least my regular daily walks now if I promise to keep them around 15-20 minutes??

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Quite often I receive emails that sound like this “I see you are on an adventure out on a boat in the Lake Michigan.  How did you get involved in that?”  My simple answer, “I said yes.”

When I get invited somewhere, I figure out if it is at all possible to say yes and if it is, I do.

When I was 10 years old, I said yes and was given my first horse.

I said yes and ended up moving across the country for school when I was 19 years old.  Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - I said Yes

I said yes and moved up to Anchorage, Alaska for an awesome 3 year adventure.

I said yes (to myself and my abilities) and opened my own chiropractic practice Cafe of LIFE that thrives still today.

I have said yes and ended up away from my family for the holidays but with great friends and that has led to some awesome trips over the years.

I said yes and purchased a condo, a building and a home.

I said yes and have a second business that has been running and successful for years.

I have said yes and got on planes to not one, but 5 different first dates over the years.

I said yes and ended up in some really incredible relationships (though none have gone the distance…just yet anyway).

I said yes and found myself jumping out of a plane.

I said yes and signed up for and ran the Chicago Marathon.

I said yes and ended up having some of the greatest times of my life.

And just last weekend I said yes and ended up on a boat along the shore of Chicago to watch the America’s Cup Qualifying Race.

I am sharing all of this because as I am sitting on a boat in the water and under the sunshine and with a beautiful view of the city of Chicago last weekend, I was so grateful.  I have had many experiences and in that moment, I am proud of myself for having the courage to just say yes and get out there and live life.

In the past, I have also gotten email messages inquiring whether I had some sort of terminal diagnosis and why I was making so many different things happen all the time?  “The tragedy in life is not death…but what we let die inside while we live.”

Brush fear aside, step up and have the courage to say YES to your life!  I promise you will find great adventures along the way and open up to really living!!!!

Next time I see you, I want to hear from you that “I said yes and…” and then tell me all about your adventure.



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Welcome to the future!!!

Do you remember 1985 when the movie “Back to the Future” came out?  I was quite young at that point however it was an age that I can remember life and some of the specifics.

The main thing I remember is thinking that the date they were heading to in their time machine seemed like it was so far away!!  “That is forever from now!” I thought.

I also remember being in first grade and our neighbors were in fifth grade and I thought that was so old and thinking the moment I graduated from Fenton High School that my life was over.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Back to the Future

When we are young, it seems like those things are so far off, however here we are today!!!

When I think back to 1985, I was 8 years old and in third grade at State Road Elementary.  Life was simple back then and school came easy for me.  I remember some of the most stressful things happening on a daily basis would be deciding between pizza or a cheeseburger for lunch and that was it.  I remember wearing parachute pants (because I would only wear clothes my older brother wore first) and always being one of the only girls on the soccer field for recess every single day.

The span of life between then and today “the future” has been quite an adventure.  I obviously finished and graduated from Fenton High School, went on to Michigan State, transferred to Boise State University and finally graduated with my bachelors degree from University of Alaska in Anchorage.  I started my doctorate at Life University in Atalanta, GA and finished at Sherman College in Spartanburg, SC.

During that time, I married and divorced, I lived in many places all over the country, studied my little heart out and moved home to open my practice.  Since then I have started a business, traveled to many parts of the world, been on a mission trip, ran a marathon and many half-marathons, completed triathlons, been on numerous dates, bought a condo and then a home.   I became an aunt.  I have nieces and nephews I have watched grow and have helped them learn about their world, adjusted thousands and thousands of people, made money, lost money and made investments.  I have been diagnosed with a heart condition but otherwise have had good health.  I have added many friends and lost a few, added many family members and lost a few of those too.

A LOT has happened from that time to now!

Sometimes life can feel as if it is not moving and nothing is getting accomplished.  But if you really stop what you are doing right now and see if you can remember back to the time while watching that movie for a first time (I assume everyone has watched it, its such a classic), truly you have come so far and accomplished so much.  The good, the bad and the ugly, take a moment to have gratitude for all of it.  If it didn’t go the way you really wanted it to, then take another moment and figure out something you can you do from this point to make a change.  Instead of waiting to make a New Year’s Resolution, how about resolving to do something today that will change your trajectory in life?

There is no time like the present since today is “the future”.  Welcome to the future!



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To me, living fully is the most important concept in running my daily life.

If I get an invite somewhere, I take it.

If I get an opportunity to do something, I say yes and make it happen.

If I have an idea, I try it on and see if I can make it work.

To live fully is to take every opportunity to say “yes” and explore life!

When we got orders to go to Anchorage, Alaska, the decision was literally made on a “why not?” philosophy.  Why would we go?  Why not!  I have to tell you it was one of the most incredible experiences that has shaped my entire life from that point forward.  Going back to revisit was amazing.

Humans get involved in analysis paralysis, stuck in our thoughts and in our heads.  We think too much and it stunts our movement forward.  I want to challenge you when the next opportunity presents itself, see if you can answer it with a “YES!” instead of thinking too much (of course as long as it is safe and reasonable).  Take the opportunities that help us live fully.  We only get once chance to live this life.  Let me know how it goes!


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It is “Throw Back Thursday” and exactly 10 years today that I graduated from Chiropractic College. From the time I started college to finishing with my doctorate was also 10 years.

It is very clear that decades go on in the blink of an eye and it truly is important to take each day lightly and have fun. I have had so many incredible experiences and memories, and have learned so much in this past decade.

In the last 10 year:

I graduated from Chiropractic College with these great guys and loaded up my things and moved home to Fenton, MI.

I moved in with my parents, moved into an apartment, bought a condo and bought a home.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Graduation 12 18 04

I started a practice, Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic at 110 Trealout Dr, moved my practice to 114 W. Caroline Street (where Crust is currently) and we found permanent digs in 2010 at 521 N. Leroy St.

I have celebrated the marriage of my mother to my step dad, and 2 of my brothers to 2 very beautiful women.

I have welcomed 4 nieces and 3 nephews, and watched my brothers become fathers.

I have been to countless birthday parties, holiday parties and spent hundreds of hours at the lake with my family.

I have had 5 extraordinary women help me run my practice…Thank you Lauren, Rachel, Vickie, Angie and Alyssa.

I have had 7 of the greatest massage therapists on my team…Thank you Rachel, Teri, Kelli, Rachael, Toni, Kel Leigh and Nicole.

I have traveled a lot and have some fun stamps on my passport.

I have participated in a Chiropractic Service Trip <<–YouTube picture book (Peru August 2014).

I have run a marathon, Chicago in 2006, many half-marathons, Crim 10 milers and other races.

I have finished 4 triathlons.

I have been to hundreds of yoga classes, maybe close to a thousand.

I took yoga teacher training and doula training.

I have been in love, been loved and fallen out of love.

I have done a FLASH MOB, jumped out of an AIRPLANE and taken a ride in a helicopter.

I have had health challenges, sports injuries and have more faith in the body’s ability to heal than ever before.

I have attended births, I adjusted women before labor, during labor and immediately after birthing their babies.

I have checked and adjusted too many babies to count, more kids than I can imagine, and I can’t even fathom how many adults.

I have adjusted people minutes after birth and hours prior to death, and those who have just lost someone important.

I have laughed more in the last 10 years than ever before in my life.

I have had more fun than ever before in my life.

I have cried so many tears of joy and sorrow.

I have never loved life so much as I do at this point right now.

I have made so many great friends, lost a few and learned so much from connections with others.

I have learned to embrace the moment, be present to the day and squeeze as much juice out of life as I possibly can.

I am so grateful, so very very grateful to be of service to a community that has given me so much.

I am so freakin’ grateful for my support system of people near and far and grateful to have people in my life that help me keep my flame lit.

I had no idea when that picture above was taken at my graduation that all of this stuff would have happened.

It has been quite a ride, I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years will bring.

10 years today. Truly unbelievable it has been 10.


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It was right around this time in 1996, while attending Michigan State University, that I woke up at 2AM and decided I was going to be a chiropractor and went right back to sleep.   I never turned back and now we will celebrate because of that.

Fast forward through 6 years of undergraduate school and I finally enter Life University College of Chiropractic. Four intense years later I graduate with my doctorate and find my way back to Fenton.

My original plan was to open my office in Ann Arbor which changed when I realized how difficult parking is in the downtown area.  My second plan was to open the Café of LIFE in Birmingham, where my family is originally from and still stands Peabody’s Restaurant.


I was living in Fenton with my mom and step-dad so I was driving around this area a lot.  I always had my eyes open and one day a really cute little place came up for sale that got me thinking of potentially opening my doors here instead.

I brought the idea to my mom and she said “If the names French Laundry and Fenton Hotel can make it as restaurants, a Café of LIFE can make it as a chiropractic office.”

I wasn’t set on Fenton as being my landing place and so my HIGHEST priority when searching for office space was a 1 year lease (most commercial spaces require at least 3 years).

I settled on a space on Trealout Dr.  and opened my doors 9 years ago on March 12th…and the rest truly is history.

I had no idea when I moved home that I would still be here 9 years later.  I had no idea how much fun I was going to have being a chiropractor.  I had no idea how many families I would become part of.  I had no idea I would get to serve so many babies and chldren.  I had no idea I would enjoy giving back to the community I grew up in so much.  I had no idea I would find such amazing support here in this small town.  I had no idea I loved Fenton so much.

But I do, and so here I am.

If you are reading this blog post, I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.  I am so grateful you have allowed me to be part of your family, your life and your healthcare team.  Thank you for spreading the word about chiropractic and about the Café of LIFE.  I get choked up when I have a moment to think about how blessed I am to be part of your life.  It is my pleasure to be your chiropractor.

I also have to say thank you to my amazing staff.  We have seen some faces come and go, and even when they go, they don’t go far.  A HUGE THANK YOU to the beautiful Alyssa that is currently manning this ship and keeping us all in line.  Also THANK YOU to Teri who is our little engine that just keeps giving and loving and serving after all these years.  THANK YOU to Rachael and Kel Leigh as they round out my incredible team.  We wouldn’t be the Café of LIFE you all know today without these amazing ladies.

One last THANK YOU to all of you for sending your friends and loved ones our way!  We are looking forward to serving all of you for many years to come!

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for allowing me to serve you.

NOW LET’S EAT CAKE!!!  Join us for your adjustments and stay and celebrate with a piece of cake 7:30a-10a & 3p-6p on Wednesday, March 12th!!!



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When the alarm goes off at 3:30am on Sunday morning for me to get ready, drive down to Detroit and run 13.1 miles, I lay there in my bed and wonder whose idea this was anyway?

To have a half-marathon in the plans to run at the middle to end of fall is always a good idea in theory but as the day approaches, and especially the morning of, I really question my sanity in signing up for yet another one.  I get really anxious and very nervous as the clock ticks away and the race approaches.  In fact, all last week with the issues I have had with my foot lately, I was telling people that this race felt almost like a final exam.  There is no pass/fail when it comes to running but for whatever reason I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.

The alarm goes off, I lay and try to figure out what I am supposed to be doing, it hits me that I have a race to run and up I go, out of bed and on my way.  The second challenging thing about a race is to figure out what is the best thing to eat at that time in the morning, my choice this time around is a cereal bar, a Lara bar and a huge bottle of water.  I make sure Choco has time for his business and jump in my Jeep and head down to Detroit.

I have a plan ahead of time about where I am going to park and it works out well.  I am there over an hour ahead of time but it is helpful to not have the stress of a time crunch at the last minute.  I decide to spend a few minutes to sit and visualize the race.  From my seat, I can see the huge flags in front of the Ren Cen blowing in the wind and a bit of a chill every time someone comes in the front door.  Although I am not looking forward to the cold, I have experienced much colder mornings with rain for this particular race.

After a few minutes I decide it is best to make my way to the starting line.  It is a bit of a jog to get to the start but soon realize the perfection of it as my core begins to warm.  From the Ren Cen, it is left on Jefferson, right on Washington and a left onto Fort St where there are 20,000 other runners and their support people, it is a massive sea of people and the energy is absolutely unbelievable!

I walk right up to my corral, enter and move forward to the start and off I go.  Many people do these kinds of races with another person or a group of people, or at least have a support person waiting in the wings at the event.  Not me.  I have chosen to do these races regardless of whoever else may or may not want to do it with me.  This time I realized how anonymous I was in this huge crowd and that is a pretty neat feeling.  Even though I am anonymous, I feel like all of these 20,000 runners are my friends, mostly because they love what I love and they are about to do what I am about to do.  It is a community that one can feel part of and be anonymous at the same time.

My bib is pinned to the front of my shirt with this crazy “20222” number that I am so excited about and my name written in big letters underneath it.  In this huge community of people, you can be anonymous and also have people saying things like “Good job Erica”, “Keep it going Erica” and “You can do it Erica” along the entire course because your name is written right there.

The spectators of this great sport of running are amazing people.  They are dressed in goose down, hats, gloves and boots carrying bells, signs, horns and other noise makers and for hours they sit there and cheer on the runners, people they know and mostly people they don’t know.  The funniest sign I have seen so far in my years of running was just coming out of the tunnel and returning to the United States this time around and it read “WORST PARADE EVER!”  Those of you that know me and my literal humor, could guess that I almost buckled over in laughter…that is funny stuff!

Mile 11 came around and I remember checking in with my body and all of its many sore parts…absolutely sore everywhere, no question.  My pacer on my cyclemeter app on my iPhone was telling me that I was at 11 miles, running 9.40 minutes per mile and that I had 2.1 miles to go.  2.1 miles to go meant that in just about 20 minutes of continuous running I will be done and so I picked up my pace.  I wanted to be finished as soon as I possibly could so better to just suck it up and pound out those last 2 miles than to drag it out any longer.

There is a moment in every long run that I am grateful beyond anything words can explain that my body is capable and allows me to do this.  It is at that moment that life is so grand and I feel absolutely unstoppable.  It is such an incredible feeling and is the “runner’s high” that everyone talks about.  This happens to me around 8ish miles or so and continues to the end of the race.

The last turn down Fort St is something that sticks in my mind and is what gets me coming back to run these streets year after year. The finish line is in sight, there are thousands of people lining the sides of the street, little kids sticking out their hands for runners to give them a high five (and you better believe I take every high five I can get along the way) and cheers of celebration during the last few blocks like nothing you have ever experienced.  In that moment I let my imagination run wild and pretend they are all cheering for me…and then crossing of the finish line, the ever so familiar beep as your chip time is recorded capped off with a beautiful medal that someone hangs around your neck…it is in a dream state that I finish each race.

It is a huge accomplishment to work towards all year and when I get my A+ on my final exam, though 3:30am is early, by a little bit after 9 I have burned over 1,500 calories, shared in that kind of energy…nothing feels better.  Only one thing would make it even better…if more of you will join me next year!  Do you have a half-marathon on your bucket list?  Check that item off by running with me next year!  I am serious…we only get one chance to live this life!  Let’s make it happen!

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Five days from now I will be running the Detroit Half Marathon for the fourth time.  I like to set my summer running schedule/goals to include a half marathon in the fall.  It seems to be a really good way to keep things going and keep my body moving.  My summer also included, completely unplanned, dropping a full jar of almond butter on my foot (that put a huge knot in the tendon to my big toe) and a cold yoga class that my foot moved too far, too fast.

If you would have asked me just 2 days ago whether I would be running next weekend, it was still up in the air.  I have been dealing with strained foot joints and discomfort.  The pain came to a head this past week and even walking has been a challenge, but for some reason, running still felt good.  I think it has to do with the foot moving differently, seems easier.

I took the past week off of running and have been biking and swimming a lot and trying to put as little stress on my feet as possible.  It is amazing how much we take our feet for granted until one isn’t living up to its full potential.  This morning was the determining factor for whether it was going to be possible to complete the race on Sunday.

I showed up to the gym a little earlier than I usually do because I wanted to have a little extra time to evaluate the situation with my bum foot.  I was a little nervous because my half marathon was in jeopardy…it was not a cheap race to register for and I really, really want the participation medal.  So I tied up my shoes and took off on the indoor track…and it felt good.  I was actually surprised how good it felt to move it like that and it wasn’t putting much stress on it at all.

During the 3 miles that I ran, I was hyper-aware of what was happening with my foot and very conscious of my footing.  I realize the importance of watching my every step and making sure it is the best way I can put my foot down before doing so.  It was meditative to be that present but it felt good and still feels good.  I spend my days at Cafe of LIFE educating people on how important it is to listen to their bodies and I choose to walk my talk and do the same.  If my foot started screaming during my run this morning, I was going to throw in the towel.  More than that, I am watching out for my snowboarding season ahead of me and having a bum foot is not going to work out in snowboard boots out on the slopes!

So I ran, it felt really good, my foot will continue to heal, I will run this weekend and then I will give it a long, much needed rest.  I spent the entire workout time being really conscious and I was reminded when I returned to the locker room how important it is to be conscious in all of our actions during the day.  I walked in and there was a group of women and a staff member huddled together because one of them cannot find their locker.  The gym I go to has a HUGE locker room and you pick whatever locker you want to use that day and throw your stuff in…and you do it the next day and the next day and it has potentially of all looking the same and runnin together.  I hope she was able to eventually find where she had her stuff, that could really throw a wrench in your day.

Conscious footing, conscious thoughts, conscious actions, conscious choices…we really need to stay on top of it all because our subconscious may want to run a totally different program and will step up and do so without our even realizing it.  I challenge you to take a few extra seconds during your day to be a little more conscious and aware of what you are doing…I guarantee it will save time in the long run!

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DAY 15

Today begins the last week of this 3 week cleanse that follows the book “Clean”. It has been an interesting couple weeks so far. Easy at times, difficult at times, impossibly to continue at times…anytime I am working hard to change habits, it is difficult. I think that is human nature. The first week was a challenge with detoxification headaches. I live a pretty clean lifestyle however that first physical detoxification symptoms were pretty intense. I experienced a nagging headache for about 2.5 days. Most people wouldnt think that is “intense” however it is so rare that I ever have a headache that it did feel a little overwhelming at times because of the length of time it lasted. Last week I experienced more of just emotional cravings for food. This cleanse is done in a way that you really don’t have to walk around feeling hungry all the time. It is a peaceful contentment inside with enough nutrition to keep from feeling hungry but never an overload (overloaded tends to be the American way). Last week was free of physical symptoms but more of a feeling like I wanted to be done. The longest cleanse I have ever done was 10 days so I think it was a part of me inside that was making those requests. The great thing is that there are about 10 people doing this cleanse along with me and having those people to reach out to has been key. This past weekend was full of parties. Seems like I was at one gathering or another with food and drinks all over the place. I had beans, almonds, apples and water and had to skip the chocolate cupcakes, macaroni and cheese and other foods that are usually around when people gather. It is difficult at first however there is a piece of me that refers back to my time running the marathon. By the time I was to 22 miles, I knew I had to just finish though everything in my body was ready for me to be done. I knew that in order to get to 26.2 miles, if I didn’t do it in that moment, I would have to run 22 miles again and add 4.2 more and that it was going to be easier to continue than to start all over from 0 again. So now that I am at day 15, it is better for me to just stay strong and complete the full 21, otherwise I will have to do 15 days again and add another 6. Its easier to continue doing what I have been doing and allow my body the full spectrum of benefit, than to start all over again at a later time when I “feel like it”. So I am pushing on….I look forward to checking back in with all of you at the end. 🙂
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