One of the greatest roles I have taken on as of late is Extension Faculty Member of Life University, the Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA. In the beginning of April, Kathy Whitmore came to my office to spend the last three months of school learning how to run and grow an office. Not only has she mastered a lot of skills here at the office, I really have a lot of faith in her ability to be able to open and run a successful office. You see, not many choose to open an office right out of school. Rather, new Doctors of Chiropractic work in someone else’s office for a year, sometimes two, sometimes more. I was not one of those and hats off to those who want to start from scratch right out of the gates. It is scary at first but incredibly rewarding. I would never do it any other way. Kathy and I walked around downtown Rochester, MI last Friday afternoon and came across the most perfect location for her new office. It is open, and airy, and bright, and absolutely perfect for her. In fact, if that same space came available here in Fenton, I would move in a heartbeat! So good luck to you, Kathy! You have what it takes to make it out there. Just keep serving from the heart, stay open and THRIVE!!! (and of course, I will be just a phone call away or 45 minute drive when you are wrestling with some stumbling blocks:). For those of you out there with friends and family in the Rochester area looking for a chiropractor, I know a good one!

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