This past weekend I was up north and spent my days snowboarding at Crystal Mountain.  There were many, many moments during the days that I thought to myself “I am happy”.  I then asked the question “What makes me happy?” and “What about everyone else?”.

I live a blessed life and I have many things that add to my happiness.  In those moments while I was out on my snowboard, my happiness was magnified by the fact that I had a warm bed to wake up in, I prepared and ate a great breakfast that fueled my body for my day, I had time to play in the snow, the sun was shining, I was enjoying great conversation with a friend, I was able to let loose and fly down the hill on my snowboard and I was up north which is a change of day to day scenery.

I thought to myself “I really wish everyone that I know could be out here having as much fun as I was having.”  That thought was soon nixed by the fact that the slopes would be too crowded if EVERYONE I knew was out there, but it transformed to “I really wish everyone that I know could be doing something that would add to their happiness as much as snowboarding in the sunshine adds to mine.”  Yes, that is a much more rational thought.

When I mention the thought of being happy, I am also reminded of a man that has been coming in to get adjusted at the Cafe of LIFE for years and never, ever gets excited about anything; Monday is not exciting, Tuesday is not exciting, Wednesday is not exciting, Thursday is not exciting, Friday is not exciting, the weekend is not exciting, literally nothing is ever exciting and I wonder about his internal happiness.  My thought is…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!

Last night I attended a prayer service for an icon of a man who lost his life way too young.  This man was truly a happy man and he did his very best to show others a little bit about being happy ever chance he got in hopes he could help them smile a little more on the inside.   As I listened to his children speak about him, I was reminded of my own mortality and that we are never guaranteed a tomorrow and that life is really short, often shorter than we anticipate…so figure out what makes you happy and go do that!

Be HAPPY!  There is absolutely no time like the present.  If not today, then WHEN?!?!  There isn’t anyone who is going to make you happy, you have to go out and make that happen for yourself.  Let’s not wait one more day.  Get out there!!!

What makes you happy?  How do you add happy stuff to your day?  Share in the comments below, you may end up inspiring someone with your ideas or the things you do.


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  • Posted by Sarah on February 12, 2013 at 12:36 am

    Sledding with my brother’s family and Levi this weekend! We had a blast and I love spending time with my family! Happiness is a choice….thanks for your blogs. They always give me something to think about.

    • Posted by Dr. Erica Peabody on February 12, 2013 at 5:11 pm

      Ahhh…yes. Family is the best and especially getting outside to enjoy fresh air with family. Thanks for the feedback about my posts. I am grateful to know they may be helping in some way.

  • Posted by Tom Schroeder on February 12, 2013 at 4:54 am

    Things that make me happy? Well Dr. Erica I’ll tell you straight up that this post of yours made me happy. Also any day on a golf course makes me happy….even when the ball isn’t cooperating.
    I love what you said about that happy man who died too young and his children who are so aware of what an extraordinary man their father was in this life. What a beautiful gift he has given our world. His gift is alive and growing. I can see it.
    You are right when you said that there isn’t anyone that is going to make us happy, that is something we must choose to try to find for ourselves. And the beautiful part is that when we find it we will want to share it with others, that’s just the way it works and so it grows. Your post is a perfect example of this. It’s similar to when I read a great book or find music or a movie that moves me. The first thing I want to do is tell others so they can experience the good feelings too. Happiness breeds happiness. If we can become mindful enough to identify the people who choose a joyful existence we should observe and emulate them. No matter our circumstances happiness can be our choice.
    I thank you and your friend for the reminder

    • Posted by Dr. Erica Peabody on February 12, 2013 at 5:20 pm

      Tom- Thank you for the feedback and you are absolutely correct that “happiness breeds happiness.” That is a powerful thing to keep at the front of our minds as we go through this world. It is also so true that when we are happy, our instincts tell us to share that with someone. There are so many great examples in this world and in our small circles of people who do that on a regular basis.
      I also must add that when people transition, like you said, they still live on through their children and also through other people they have touched along the way. When you said “How are we going to go without seeing this man again? We do see him sitting right here in these people that he left behind.” WOW! That was a powerful message and I know a lot of hearts in that room settled a bit with that idea.

  • Posted by Julie on February 14, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    Things that make me happy are:

    -A good joke
    -Spending time with my family
    -Watching comedy on tv and youtube
    -A healthy body and especially a healthy spine
    -A good book club
    -Waking up every morning
    -Surrounding myself with happy people

    • Posted by Dr. Erica Peabody on February 18, 2013 at 4:01 pm

      Thanks for sharing Julie! I completely agree with you and it is so nice to have such a long list of things to anchor happiness to!