Many of you know, either because I have told you or because you have been in to see either myself or my dog dressed in our team colors, that I am a huge Michigan State fan. I have always been, since I was born. But it is not easy being green sometimes and last night was one of them. I am the fan that wears the colors, and cheers really loud and knows all the words to the fight song and all that stuff. And when I say it isn’t easy being green, I mean it is challenging to sit there in the stands and watch their lack of performance last night and remain calm. It isn’t a feeling of upset at them, it is more that I just really, really, really, really, really wanted them to win last night. I knew it was a long shot since I watched North Carolina beat up on Villanova two nights prior to that. Our seats were in a mixed fan section but the large group of UNC fans were one section over from where we were so the energy remained high, unfortunately not in our favor. In the end, I am really proud to be a Spartan. They made it that far and though they seemed totally psyched out by their opponents, it was a wonderful experience to be amongst that sea of green. Either way, we always have the coolest mascot! SPARTY ON!!!

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