A New Member

To add a new member to the team here at the Cafe of LIFE is a process, a wonderful process though.

Rachel, my current assistant, will be heading back to school which means that she will need a day off per week forChiropractor Fenton Michigan - Cafe of LIFE - A New Member classes. This requires that we bring someone new in. I usually do a group interview which is my plan this time as well and there are 7 people scheduled to come in this evening.

The group interview process is a fun and interesting way to accomplish this task. It is nerve racking for the people involved in the process but in the end one usually outshines the rest and we are well on our way to hiring. I then allow for private interviews following the initial group interviews but my mind is usually made up by that time.

I’m looking forward to a new member!


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Sometimes I am prepared for Monday mornings, and sometimes I am not. This morning it took a little convincing in order for me to get up and get started but for some reason as soon as I step foot into the Cafe of LIFE, things change for me. It is wonderful to go to a job that I love. My youngest brother was home over the weekend and I was able to spend some good quality time with him. He is an amazing person with so much to offer this world, I thoroughly enjoy his company. We covered many topics during our 1.5 hour lunch but one of the most interesting is his learning how stress manifests in his body. He recently moved to Chicago and took a new job, all of this just 6 months after getting married. He was telling me that his attitude about everything lately has been in the pits and it has manifested in severe low back pain. Fortunately he had an enlightening conversation with one of our uncles earlier this week that made him realize how powerful the mind is. My uncle reminded him that joy in life really boils down to perception. Regardless of what is happening, if you can find the “glass half full” side of life, one will be way better off. After that particular enlightening conversation, his back eased up and he returned to feeling good (and then he came in and got his spine checked and adjusted here at the Cafe which was the icing on the cake). Our mind is powerful beyond your knowing, use it constructively!
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There is nothing like the excitement of being a chiropractic student.
Every so often I end up down in Atlanta where the largest chiropractic college LIFE UNIVERSITY is located. Because of this, I always hang out and run into a bunch of students. Most all of the students that I knew have matriculated through the system though some are still around. I walked into the Cafe of Life in Atlanta to find one of the greatest guys from school had bought it from one of my mentors. It was a huge transition for the chiropractor, Bart, moving out, and a huge transition for the new chiropractor, Chris moving in. He is a wonderful guy and quite capable of filling the shoes and taking the Cafe of LIFE to a new level. It is wonderful to be around the student/new graduate energy as they are so fired up and open and ready to take on the world. The key is to be able to look inside before and after every day, no matter how wonderful or difficult it was, and still be able to locate and touch the flame of the fire that burns inside that signifies your passion for chiropractic.
For this is the flame that burns strong as a student and also fuels happiness, and the one that lights the path towards success.
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