I have the greatest job. I really do. I am blessed everyday being able to work with people to promote and educate about health. It is awesome and I have so much gratitude for being led down this path to become a chiropractor. One of my greatest joys is getting up in the morning and knowing that I get to serve people in a beautiful office with an awesome team. One of my other greatest joys is turning other people on to such an amazing and rewarding career. Last night, I had the good fortune of introducing 2 young, wonderful ladies to the inside world of being a chiropractor. After I closed shop here at the Cafe of LIFE, I jumped in my car and made my way down to O’Dell Chiropractic Clinic in Walled Lake where there was a Life University prospective student night. It was wonderful and I left there feeling really complete that these two ladies got what they needed in order to be confident in taking their next step towards a rewarding future in serving chiropractic care and teaching health to the masses. Its awesome, wonderful, super exciting, and such an honor to be a part of their process. Anyone else interested? Let me know!

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