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Nature calls.

No, really, it truly did call but probably not in the way that you are used to hearing that phrase.Dr Erica Peabody - Nature Calls - Chiropractor Fenton Michigan

Since my climb last year, I have spent almost no time out in the woods.  I had a severe calf/foot injury that locked me into that boot for 6 months.

Of course I have had to keep my body moving and so I found some routines inside the walls of my gym that I could do and still keep my body moving and built a lot of strength at the same time.

I got used to those routines and got comfortable and since the environment was controlled, I stuck with it which really worked out well for me.

What I didn’t realize inside of that time is that I hadn’t been able to get outside and walk, hike, bike or just stroll through the woods…and I also didn’t realize how much I missed it.

Two weekends ago, as I wrote in the previous blog post, I ran a 5K on a trail in the snow.  It was a test for my foot which responded well.  This past weekend I thought I would test it again and I went snowboarding on Saturday.  If you have followed me through the years, snowboarding is one of my greatest joys.  My foot managed snowboarding well too.

Sunday, Mike and I decided to go out snowshoeing along the Arcadia Bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan.  Through these two adventures, snowboarding and snowshoeing, it hit my core that I hadn’t hardly spent any time outside in almost a year.  It also reminded me just how much power and peace I find from being out in nature.  Being in the woods and in fresh air is an absolute MUST for me.Dr Erica Peabody - Nature Calls - Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Tri to Finish

As I am cruising the trails on snowshoes, I am taking in the fresh air, the scenery and the trees around me.  With snow falling and getting stuck in my eyelashes, I feel that peace and I begin to remember just how much that serves my soul.  WOW I have missed that!!!

Fortunately for us, we have had loads of snow back at home and so Monday night I went out after dark and put my snowshoes on again and wandered out around my old stomping grounds by the light of my headlamp.

I am so grateful for the reminder that was offered to me last weekend.  And since I have manage more and more outdoor activities as my foot heals, I am opting to spend less time in the gym and more time in the fresh air.  I am grateful for all the lessons I learned during “boot camp” and I am also really excited to be getting back to my normal life.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Nature Calls - Dr Erica Peabody Best Chiropractor

I am a nature girl.  I love the outdoors.  I relax on walks in the woods, mountain biking, snowboarding and hiking.  I need that in my life.  In fact, I think all humans need a regular dose of nature in order to maintain health and peace.

We all have a tendency to stay focused at the task at hand and taking care of the needs of those around us and we unintentionally veer away from grounding and centering forces like getting out and exploring the Earth.

Have you noticed a place in life where you recharge your batteries?  Is there a spot outside that you like to visit?  An outside activity that you enjoy for re-centering life?  Share with me your favorite things when nature calls!!


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As many of you know, I usually spend the holidays with my tribe.

This tribe consists of long time friends that I met during chiropractic college (and a couple since).  Many of them have traveled most years together, other parts of my tribe were not able to go and a few have yet to join us.  Whoever shows up for the holiday trip is always the perfect blend.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - My Tribe - Dr Erica Peabody

We always meet somewhere warm and spend a week together.  The week is filled with laughter and silliness and play…but also some serious talks about the past year and projection and goal-setting for the year ahead.

The greatest thing about my tribe is we have known each other for so many years and have been out in the field doing similar work for that long that we see the world through the same lens and they all get me.

Speaking of being out in the field, we have all been so career-focused that there haven’t been any children on this regular holiday tribe trip until this year.

One couple has grown children and they were with us but we also have beautiful 6 month old twins in the tribe now.

Taking twins across the boarder and to the beach is no easy task and prior discussions sounded a little like this “Just get them there and then there will be 11 adults to 2 babies and we will help all week long.”  I am so glad they did.

Much of the tribe lives in close proximity to each other in Denver and get to spend a little more regular time together however being this far away, I don’t get that kind of regular time with any of them.  Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - My Tribe - Dr Erica Peabody

Although the babies added a lot to the dynamics of the group, it was delightful as we all learn to transition into the “with children” phase of our lives.

We shared great conversation over meals, while sitting around the pools and during walks on the beach.  These are the people that light my flame and keep it stoked.  We have a text message thread that goes on and on daily for years however having true face to face time fills my soul.

I do not have a tribe like that in Fenton.  By the end of the week together, I feel so recharged and ready to take on the New Year.  I always head back home rejuvenated but I am also a little sad when I land in Detroit and drive home knowing just how far away they all are.  I miss them terribly and in a small way I dread coming home.  I have a great life here but have always felt a little lonely following a week with my tribe.

This time was a little different.  My boyfriend Mike was able to make it down for the week and of course we traveled home together.  He is my ideal match I feel fortunate that he blends so well into my group of friends.  Our connection fills my life so full on a daily basis and has ever since the day we met 9 months ago.

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - My Tribe - Dr Erica Peabody

So this time around, instead of having to head home alone and readjust to Fenton and life apart from my tribe, I got to come home with him and together have put some action steps in place towards our goals we set for this year already!!

Although I have lived in pure gratitude for my incredible life for a long time now, I have always said that “Life is sweeter when shared.”  I am finding so much truth to that with a connection like this.

My tribe is part of my lifeline.  Our text message thread has continued on just as silly with bouts of seriousness as before.  I laugh all day long with these people that are thousands of miles away and am grateful for technology helping us easily stay connected.  I love them all so much and miss the babies and am sad I don’t get to watch them grow up in person.

To have this incredible man alongside me as all the days progress wins over all of that.  He is my tribe, but more than that, he is my safe space, my recharging station and my true home.  I tell him daily how grateful I am he is in my life but once more here (because he always reads) Thanks Babe.  🙂


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About 20 years ago, I was clued into this place called Antelope Canyon.  I am not sure where I heard about it but it has sat in the back of my mind for that long always thinking and knowing that I would visit someday.

I do not have a bucket list.  I do, however, have a LIVING FULLY list.  There are a few things on that and visiting Antelope Canyon has been one just waiting for the chance to make it happen

I am lucky enough to have quite a few phenomenal friends in my life, but 3 very special sisters.  I grew up with 3 brothers and begged my mom for a sister right from the start.  These 3 started as, what so many consider, “soul sisters”.  However a couple months ago, as we traveled to a conference together, we decided to drop the word “soul” and just be “sisters”.  Two of them are actual blood sisters, but two of us only had experiences growing up with boys and were ecstatic about the idea of having sisters.

We planned a sisters trip to Sedona, Arizona about a month ago.  As the weekend approached, one of my sisters likes to have a couple things planned out and so she threw out some ideas over text message…and one of them happened to be Antelope Canyon.

Of course I jumped at that chance and shouted “YES!!!  YES!!!  YES!!!” as loudly as I could…over text message…and the day trip was planned.

There really is plenty to see in and around Sedona, and traveling 3 hours by car one way was not really necessary, however it was so incredibly worth every minute in the car.  I don’t think I could use words to explain this, let’s talk with pictures for a bit…

The canyon hike was down into the earth around 30-100 feet.

Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - 20 Years

It is really just that beautiful!!!

Antelope Canyon 4 Antelope Canyon 5 Antelope Canyon 6 Antelope Canyon 7 Antelope Canyon 8


The pictures are amazing and truly don’t even come close to doing it justice.  They were taken with a simple iPhone camera, nothing fancy.  It is just that beautiful!  Of course it appears super peaceful as if nobody is around, however, there are hundreds and hundreds of people going through this canyon in a group hike format with about 20 people per group all day long…but the crowd hardly matters.

Please do yourself a favor and go check it out for yourself!!!  I’m serious!

20 years I have had this on my LIVING FULLY list…and I would go back in a second!!!


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I am absolutely humiliated!

A patient walked into the Cafe of LIFE last Wednesday afternoon and asked me where I was earlier that day and why I wasn’t here when my office hours said I would be here.

“What do you mean?  I am always here for our office hours  Wednesday morning is 7:30a-10a.”Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Humiliated - Dr. Erica Peabody

“That is not what your business card says.”

When we looked closer, our business cards have our office hours as “7:30am-1pm”.  For months.

Sometimes when reviewing a proof for those kinds of things, the brain will look at something, skim right over an error and make up something completely different.  That is exactly what happened.

So in essence it has looked like we just high-tail it out of here whenever we feel like it on Wednesday during that time slot.  And if you know me like most of you do by now, I would NEVER do that.

She continued, “Yeah I was talking to my mom and she said ‘well she must just come and go as she pleases.’ You really don’t seem like that kind of a person to me.”

Um…I am NOT that kind of a person and I am not that kind of professional!  I feel a lot of responsibility to all of you and there are a lot of people that rely on us.  I was born with punctuality and responsibility woven into my fabric, that is just how I am.

So needless to say we looked over all our thousands of card that I ordered just a couple months ago and realized they were all wrong.  In the meantime, every person that has come into this office, we always tell them, “Make sure to grab a card at the front desk, our hours are on the back.”

OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  I am seriously humiliated.

Yes I am only human and there are humans involved in the making and printing process of these things and mistakes can happen.

And by now I am sure you can imagine just how very GRATEFUL I am to this lady who brought this mistake to my attention!!!

The last thing I want to do is look like a slacker, and especially when I am not.

To all of you out there reading this that we may have confused and misled, I apologize and am so humiliated.  Live and learn, right?  You can bet I will have many different sets of eyes on all future materials like that.


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In order to have seen many of the pictures of our BVI sailing trip, you would have to have been a friend of mine on Facebook or have come into the Cafe of LIFE. There are quite a few asking about my trip so I wanted to put together a little BVI Sailing Picture Diary for you to take a glance at some of what we did with our 10 days on our sailboat Yacht Emily Morgan.Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - My Friends

These are my friends, some really good friends that I have traveled with often.  They all live in Denver and are all chiropractors…and have been trying to get me to move out west since I moved home 11 years ago.  I met all of them in 2001 within the first week of starting chiropractic college at Life University in Atlanta, GA.  I love each of them for what they add to my life, my being and the level of joy and laughter daily, even when we are not together.

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - My Feet

These are my feet and this is the front of the boat.  The entire trip was absolutely beautiful, as you can tell, and this was such an awesome spot to take it all in.

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, we are in the midst of our white elephant gift exchange and I ended up with a selfie-stick which I was totally stoked about!!!  My friends, Marco and Scott, and to the right in the picture, is Bones, the owner of the ship, host extraordinaire, comedian, dance instructor, master sailor.  We got lucky to be on this boat with him and his wife!!

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - First Selfie of Many

Later on that day using said “selfie-stick”…

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Selfie Stick

…and then I realized that I hardly needed any friends to take my pictures or be in my pictures because I now had a SELFIE STICK!!!! Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Fab FourI am only kidding…that is not really true, we all need our friends.  Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary

Then one day Bones took us knee-boarding on the back of the dinghy.  It has been since June 24, 1998 since I have been knee-boarding.  I remember the date so clearly because I ended up breaking my nose out on Lake Ponemah (a whole different blog post to share that story, maybe).  It was super fun to be knee-boarding and of course I can’t help but always try to see what’s still possible on that thing.  Here is me doing my best rendition of “Hey Mom!!!  Look at me!!!”  …only my Mom wasn’t anywhere around.  🙂

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Paddleboards

Emily Morgan hauls around these paddleboards we could take out anytime we wanted.  So much fun although I am not sure I used them all that much.  This trip became quite a sedentary trip actually.   Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Rainbow

But while we were sitting around all day, we would see such BEAUTIFUL rainbows!!!  Spectacular rainbows and a few of them each day.  I know this picture may not even seem real but this was shot with just an iPhone camera, no zoom.  Crazy beautiful place!!!  Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Sunset

And while I am at it, enjoy these two beautiful pictures!  Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Sunset #2

Sundown time was some of the coolest lighting of the entire day.  I think coupled with the sway of sitting on the boat and about to eat some of the most delicious food, it became our most favorite part of each day.

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary

…it was time for another selfie…  🙂

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary

After the first few days of strictly being only on the boat, we began to crave being on land and would dinghy into shore and get grounded for a few minutes.  Sometimes we would find beautiful beaches to hang out on but mostly we just needed to not be moving, swaying and rocking for a few minutes.  Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Helping with Sails

I LOVED learning about sail physics and helping with to put sails up and take them down.  The greatest part of our trip is our hosts could completely handle the boat themselves and so we could choose how much we wanted to participate in crewing the boat minute by minute.  I just loved the raising and lowering of the sails, literally the mechanism that was catching the wind and moving us around these islands…how freakin’ cool is that?!?!?!  I am still in awe of how it all works and am excited to find a sailing vessel of some sort this coming summer…maybe windsurfing.  Yeah, that sounds about right for me.

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Sleeping

This is a picture of my room.  These 2 bunk beds that were available to me and I ultimately found that the top one had the best air flow.  I do not sleep well when my body is moving (in the car, on a plane and apparently not on a boat either).  Aside from a sedentary 10 days, sleeping was the only other downfall of being on the sailboat for me.  I am particular about sleep and need certain pillows and support and position and basically the only way to sleep in this bed was to tie up a hammock up to the wall at the head and foot of the bed to keep from rolling out at night as the boat rocks in the waves.  This took a while to get used to and then once I was home, it took a while to get use to being in a bed that was not moving. It is interesting to watch the brain try to adapt to all of that!  Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Sailing and Talking

This is how our days were spent…sitting, sailing and chatting.  This particular group of friends are what I consider “growth friends”.  We are always presenting ideas, talking things over, offering each other perspective and solving the problems of the world…well our own small worlds if you want to be particular.

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - New Years Eve

Another incredible evening anchored in some beautiful place, rocking in the waves, chatting about the day and prepping to wind down for the night.  Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - New Years Even Foxy's

New Year’s Eve was spent on the island of Jost Van Dyke at a world famous bar called Foxy’s.  It is amazing that among the 3,000 people at this party that I can be dancing around the place and come across a sticker of one of the businesses, Unlimited Offroad, here in Fenton, MI.  It amazes me to be thousands of miles away and have evidence of Fenton’s greats right in front of me!!

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - More Friends

These guys…the greatest!!!

Fenton Chiropractor - BVI Sailing Picture Diary - Bones and Anna

And these two, Bones and Anna and their beautiful boat Emily Morgan, exceptional is not even the word great enough for them.  24 hours per day for 10 solid days with 6 demanding goofballs in their home…I have no idea how they endure something like that.  This is the moment stepping off the boat and parting ways after our 10 days.  We were truly like a big happy family with them and we all miss them.  You can see in their smiles and in their energy fields, even after 10 FULL DAYS, they have the biggest servants hearts of any people I have seen in a while.  Our trip was as amazing as it was due mostly to them.  Look them up if ever you are looking to have an exceptional vacation!

So that concludes the BVI sailing picture diary.  If think I covered the trip thoroughly as I also strongly believe that pictures tell the best stories.  Until next time…I am still “Sailing the Scene, 2016!”


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A return trip to Alaska has been on my list for a few years now.  As many of you know, I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 3.5 years.  Though I am a Michigan State University fan through and through and began my undergraduate degree at MSU, my true Alma Mater is University of Alaska Anchorage.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Denali 2

I moved to Anchorage in 1998.  I left to pursue my doctorate degree in 2001 and this was my first chance to get back there to explore that beautiful state.

When I look back to 14-17 years ago, I hardly recognize who I was at that point in my life.  So much has changed in my entire being, that truly feels like a completely different lifetime.

Stepping off the plane and driving from the airport to our hotel was surreal.  All the little neurons that hold memories of that place started to fire in my mind.  I could remember some streets, but not all of them.  I could remember the layout of the city, but still needed a map.  It was such a familiar place yet so far away and removed that it had a really cool and new feeling to me.

Our first stop was University of Alaska campus.  When I lived there, I wore very different clothing.  All of my logo wear from UAA was oversized hoodie sweatshirts and I needed to update some of those pieces.  Being back on Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Denali 1campus was surreal.  I completed 3.5 years on that campus but it was so foreign to me.  Did I even go here???  3.5 years of my life is a long time, long enough to have traveled that campus by foot to and from class over and over and over again, it seems like I should remember something.  It was like being in the twilight zone and being in a place I had never been before.

I decided to purchase an alumni license plate cover so that I can see it on a daily basis as a reminder of that era of my life.Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Denali 3

Completing that visit to campus, we heading out towards the mountains.  Our destination was Denali National Park.  The drive was incredible; the mountains, the water, the scenery, the music in the car, the conversation, the memories, the company, all of it.  It was so great to be back.

The days are long in Alaska this time of year.  In fact, the days never end once you get far enough north.  The sun sets but it never gets dark and I am not sure it actually sets as much as it tucks behind the mountains for a few hours.

The next day we took a 12 hour bus ride into Denali National Park.  If you ever go there, you can only drive your car 15 miles in.  Anything beyond that, you have to get on a shuttle bus.  When you go, get on one of those buses because there is so much more to see out there beyond 15 miles, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The day finished with a hike to our campsite.  I think the hike was a little over a mile, or 2 miles or more miles if you take the wrong path.  Yup, absolutely found that out through experience.

I am renewed and refreshed in the mountains.  I am renewed and refreshed with lots of hugs.  I got a lot of both of those things by the second day of vacation.

YouTube Preview Image

My return to Alaska was such a tremendous experience.  The lessons are trickling through my days as this week has gone by.  Pictures do not do the place justice…but I tried.  Stay tuned, I have a lot more to share.



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I am not sure I have been more excited about a trip in years and years.  You all know me, I travel a lot, so that is a pretty bold statement.  Yes, I have been to some really incredible places in my life, some of those very recently, but when I tap into this place inside I have for this trip coming up, it bubbles over.  I cannot wait to get to Peru.

Fenton Chiropractor Peru Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley

A friend of mine called a few months back.  She has been to Peru for the past few years and goes back every year to deliver chiropractic care, love and serve the people in the Sacred Valley.  She says, “You know, you should come with my team this year.”  I am beyond honored to even get an invite.

If you have followed this blog or know me at all, you know my core is absolutely driven by the desire to have “rich, rewarding experiences” in my lifetime.  My answer was “Yes!”…and I began to work on making that happen.

Thursday this week marks the beginning of what I anticipate being an adventure of a lifetime!

I fly Detroit to Atlanta to Lima to Cuzco in a 19 hour travel day.  I am chalking that up as part of the actual adventure, and truthfully that is probably the only way to get through it.

Fenton Chiropractor Peru

My Friend Adjusting a Child in a Past Year

We will be staying at high altitudes and serving at even higher, so the first few days will be time to acclimate and get situated as a team.  We will be serving Monday-Friday next week.  I will take a couple extra days to see Machu Picchu since it is quite close to there and then head back with another 20+ hour travel adventure to return to my home on the 12th.

As I stated before, I have done a tremendous amount of traveling, however, going some place to just be a tourist and visitor is completely different than integrating yourself into service mode in a community.  Don’t get me wrong, on every trip I have been on since getting my license almost 10 years ago, I have done some adjusting.  I even got paid in habanero hot sauce while helping some in Belize!!!

But this is different, very different.  My friend refers to this trip as “dropping love bombs”  (  I so look forward to being part of that.

I couldn’t do this without all the great people back here taking care of my practice and my home and making sure the gears keep turning while I am away.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

I am grateful for my life.  I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way and I am grateful for the support that gives me the confidence to seize such opportunities.

Stay tuned for posts from Peru!

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I am calling my newest snowboard trick “double back-flip to face plant”.  Sounds a little like something that Shaun White would do in the Olympic Men’s Half-Pipe competition, however probably without the “face plant” part of it.  Actually it is not a trick at all…and don’t worry, all along I planned on healing.

It was the second run of the day at Georgian Peaks, a private ski club in Northern Ontario.  I drove over and met a friend there and we hit the slopes for the weekend.  It has been a while since I have actually snowboarded with skiers, I usually snowboard with other snowboarders, and we definitely attack the slopes a little differently.

I have said over the years that snowboarding is meditative for me, and is one of the reasons I love it so much.  You have to be 100% present-time consciousness otherwise you will find yourself in trouble in a hurry.  This time maybe, just maybe I was a little bit distracted.  Maybe.

Fenton Chiropractor Georgian Peaks

I was cruising along to keep up with the two-planker, and I caught my back edge on some ice.  I am not exactly sure what happened from there.  I know I hit my head twice (thank goodness for helmets, do yourself a favor and do not go out there without one) so I am convinced I flipped twice.  I also know how I landed, so the face plant definitely happened.  No one was there to witness it but I am positive 5’10” red jacket and loud plaid pants flipping down the hill was quite a show.

When I gathered my thoughts and got back up on my feet, I became acutely aware that I had jarred my right ankle and knee.  I am not sure what movie this line comes from, but my mind went right to “That’s gonna leave a mark.”

When injuries occur, I go into a mode that I like to call “let me just pretend that didn’t happen”.  “Where thoughts go, energy flows and manifests in physical form.”  Over the years it has served me to distract my mind from what just happened, and it usually leads to quick healing.

I snowboarded the rest of the day and met up with some of my friend’s friends at the lodge afterwards.

I noticed that my ankle was a little bit uncomfortable when we were sitting and chatting with friends.  After a half hour went by, it became impossible to ignore.  Another half hour and the pain is nearing a 7 out of 10.  By the end of 2 hours of chit chat, I was in so much pain, I was nauseous.  Even through all that, in my mind I was still planning on healing.  

Our original plans to head out for dinner and drinks changed in a hurry as my body required that I succumb to RICE mode: Rest, Ice, Elevation, Compression.  The friend I was traveling with is a Naturopathic Doctor and we were able to add some homeopathic remedies and do some manipulation of the ankle joint to add to the RICE efforts.

After a few hours, it became apparent that I was probably not going to be able to walk the next day, much less spend any time on my snowboard.  As the evening progressed, it was increasingly difficult to ignore what was happening with my body, however I still planned on healing and the RICE efforts continued well into the night.

The real test came the following morning, when I took my first step on to the floor from the bed.

I have to admit, I was groggy, needed to use the restroom and my mind wasn’t focused on our evening spent in RICE mode when I took my first steps.

Half way to the restroom, it dawned on me that I was not only able to walk normally on that foot, it also felt 90% better.  Good thing I planned on healing all along.

The next question was “do I dare snowboard today or just spend my time resting?”

If you know me at all, you know the answer to that one is always, “Let me just give it a try and see what happens.”  And so I did.  But remember, my mindset was always that I planned on healing.

Turns out I was able to comfortably ride harder that day than I did the day before.  It felt good to be out there in my happy place strapped to my board.  I also know when one experiences joy and happiness, healing energy is turned up a notch as well.

I was happy.  I planned on healing all along and my body did exactly that.

We were both astonished at the fact that I felt as good as I did the very next day.  We both witness incredible healing on a regular basis in our different professions, however we were still amazed by how quickly this process happened for me.

When situations like this come up in my life, it just leads to the building of a stronger and stronger faith in the body’s innate recuperative powers and it’s incredible ability to heal.  We, as a society, have not given it enough credit for what it can do.

It is important to listen to the body’s warning signals and stop when it says stop.  We also need to be living a healthy lifestyle so the body has the building blocks it needs to heal, grow and repair.  But one of the most important factors is plan on healing.

In retrospect, I know that my mindset of “I planned on healing” took my healing energy up a level.  I am not at all recommending that you test the limits of your body, but when you do happen to get injured…do yourself a favor and plan on healing.  I guarantee you will be astonished at how quickly your body follows those orders.


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Just when life seems like it is heading in one direction, something happens and we are off on a detour.

I absolutely love to travel…love, love, love to see new places.  I love having a change of scenery and switching things up on a regular basis.  I love taking the detour…that is as long as I have time for said detour.

I was sitting on a bench in a parking lot with some friends last weekend while we waited for our planes to pull up on the other side of a chain link fence…and as I describe this, I pulled a picture off the internet below so that you can get the visual.Detour Fenton Chiropractor

The scene…two 20 foot long park benches back to back underneath a rickety metal awning, a small white portable podium with “Sansa” and “Nature Air” written on the front, a chain link fence with a ragged gate that wouldn’t hold up against any kind of force, a small refrigerator with a padlock on it labeled “Snack Bar” and on the other side of the fence are a couple 12 seater planes.

When we pull into the parking lot, it resembles more of a bus station than an airport.  The funniest thing is when you walk up to the small white podium, they ask you which airline you are flying with and then depending on which, one of 2 men step up to the podium to assist.

The luggage is tagged and the kind man hands me a laminated “Sansa” brochure that he calls my “boarding pass” and I am prepared to get on the plane.

As I am waiting, I realize that my luggage is still sitting off to the side of the runway and doesn’t appear to be heading with the rest of the group to the luggage compartment in the belly of the plane.  The kind man then mentions to me that “Your bag no fit on plane due to balance.  I send to your home.”

Ideally it is not good to ever travel separate from my luggage, but if you are telling me you are going to have it delivered directly to my doorstep, then it will be alright to let my ocean-scented, sand-filled bag of beach clothes show up to my home instead of being checked onto my plane.

So I jump on my plane and am off while my luggage is taking a detour.

In San Jose I reconnect with my friends for dinner and a little more time together as my flight will be departing at 2am.DSC03499

A few hours later, I arrive to the airport only to I discover said flight is now delayed to 3am.  The woman at the Spirit Airlines desk checks me through to Detroit and hands me 2 boarding passes, one for now and one for my connecting flight in Fort Lauderdale.

I arrive in Lauderdale realizing I have limited time to get though customs and make my connection.  At this particular moment I am grateful to be traveling separate from my large suitcase which I would have to wait for and recheck after customs…this expedites my transition onto America soil and I have potential to make up some time.

I sprint through the airport and make it to my gate with a few minutes to spare.  I walk up to the Spirit Airlines counter and the woman takes one look at my boarding pass, tells me I do not have a seat on that flight…AND THEN proceeds to board 4 “stand-by” passengers onto the flight while I am standing right there.

You know the level of disappointment when you order the most delicious food at a restaurant that you have been craving since the last time you were there 3 months ago…and when you get right down to the last bite, your best friend reaches their fork over and takes that last morsel of goodness?  That is what it felt like in that moment, MULTIPLIED BY 1,000!!!!

“Ma’am we have you booked on tomorrow’s flight out”.

“Are you going to compensate me for hotel stay for the night?”

“Well no.”

Hearing this news after being up for 28 straight hours, did not go over well.  Having her board 4 “stand-by” passengers while I stood right in front of her also didn’t go over well…MULTIPLIED BY 1,000!!!

This time, not so gracefully, I detour…

I find a cab and take a ride up to Lauderdale by the Sea and check-in to a hotel.  Serious false advertising and I make quick of a lesson that I should check a room out before

So I detour…

I find a nice Sheraton about 20 minutes away that has rooms available and get checked-in.  As I am heading up to my room, I spot a cool little bar inside the hotel that has windows into water tanks of some sort.  It is eye-catching and then I read “Mermaid Show 6:30 Friday and Saturday Evenings”.  Today is Saturday, WHAT LUCK!!!  My original plan to nap for the next 6 hour will have a small detour in the middle to the Mermaid show.

I arrive early and pull up a seat next to an incredible couple that had just gotten off one of the cruise ships.  We talk about our vacations and then we detour into some really amazing conversation about life and living, things you usually discuss with long time friends.  Because my luggage was on a detour, my plan was to wear the clothes I had on my back until I got home…whenever that may be.  By the end of a 4 hour conversation with this couple, they pay for my meal and she offers me clean clothes.

As I lay down in my bed to sleep fast, I travel through my memory of the events of that day.  Every possible thing that could go wrong with travel, did.  It was truly challenging.  In the end, I was so grateful for the opportunity to see my very first Mermaid Show and spend time with these magnificent people.

My flight in the morning turns out to be simple.  It is an entire day later however I buckle into my seat, we take off on time, we land on time and off I go…easy since I don’t have to stop and collect my luggage (which finally showed up to a local airport a week later…enough material for its own blog post).

On my drive home from the airport, I take a detour to Whole Foods…because I am hungry and I need food in my house when I get home.  In retrospect, I am grateful I made that stop as the streets filled with close to 2 feet of snow over the next 24 hours.

This trip seems to go on and on and on and there is one final detour…my best friend of almost 20 years opened her dream yoga studio, Bent Yoga, in Brighton on that very day.  It required that I truck through all the snow to give her a congratulatory hug, but it was all absolutely perfect timing.

Sometimes we are presented with a huge bright orange sign in front of our face that says “DETOUR” but often the sign is a faint whisper, a small calling in our heart.  If we can have a little bit of trust in the fact that there is a much larger plan, we can listen to those signs and settle in gracefully.

I am grateful for that trip, I am grateful for that time and I am grateful for the people that I met along the way.  I am one that seeks out adventure and enjoys taking the long way home.  Though that was a little too much detouring for my likings, I am grateful to have had that experience if for no other reason than it seems there isn’t a possible way for a day of travel to get more complicated than that.

In the midst of it all, the moments of sweetness serve as a reminder to do my best to be a little more accepting of life when it takes its next detour.


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Durango, Colorado!!!  I visited such a wonderful place last weekend I have to share with you. It is a small town in southwest Colorado, very near what they call “The Four Corners” where Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah come together. I guess there is a monument there that you can straddle with your arms and legs and be in 4 states all at one time. I didn’t make it there however I did get to explore the area. Durango is a very conscious city. The people of Durango pay attention to what they eat and how they treat the land and environment. They recycle whenever they can, ride their bikes if it is possible, and respect others. It seems that many people are questioning standard western medicine there, thus leading to healthier births, childhoods, and lives in general. I have friends that practice chiropractic there in the city and are loving every minute of being in their small piece of paradise. Though it is more than a hop, skip, and a jump to get there, if you get a chance to go, TAKE IT!!!
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