Have you met our massage therapist Teri? She is one of the most wonderfully happy people you will ever come across. Find a spare moment with her and she will for sure have laughing about something. She is a shining star, a real light in this community and I am so lucky and blessed to have her on staff at the Cafe of LIFE.

This afternoon I walked in and Teri is frantically looking for an umbrella. She had just spotted an elderly couple walking down the road and the drizzle had just transitioned into a downpour. She ran out, got in her car with an umbrella and drove down to where they were. Instead of giving them the umbrella, she gave them a ride the rest of the way to their destination and though they were soking wet, they were less wet then they would have been, and appreciative of her assistance. She is a true angel.

Thanks Teri! …for being you, and for being an inspiration to the rest of the community. Keep shining your light!!!

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