I love my brothers. This picture is the most recent picture of my brothers from just this past weekend. Now when I say I love my brothers, I didn’t always feel that way. We were no “Leave it to Beaver” family growing up, don’t get me wrong. I am the second oldest of the group but trust me, being the only girl, order doesn’t matter…it is 3 against 1 no matter what. I remember going through school and the teachers that had my older brother would say things like ‘I cannot believe you are even related because you look, think and act so differently’. I actually remember a point in my life when as far as I am concerned I am an only child…what brothers? But today is a different story. I have found so much gratitude in all that these guys have contributed and continue to contribute to my life. I am who I am and they are who they are largely due to the way we have collectively touched each others lives. All 4 of us reside within a 10 mile radius which is also pretty cool. One is married, the other engaged with a little one on the way but each of us are doing our part to make this family and the world go around. As I just mentioned, there will be a little one entering into our foursome and that is super exciting. I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around the fact that one of these goofballs is going to be a father but of course it had to happen sometime, right? So we will welcome her (yes it is a girl) into this world in March and maybe make it 3 against 2:) Love you guys!!!

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  • Posted by Jane on February 25, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    hey i know those guys! this brings me to the many fond memories of our youth on the farm. i remember so many fun times with each of you. remember the forts in the woods and all the imaginary games we played.its amazing to see everyone from this new adult perspective!!! cant wait to meet the new one!