The clouds parted for us on Saturday and the day warmed up to around 65 degrees…it was the most perfect day for our Earth Day Cleanup! A bunch of people gathered right at 10am for a wonderful lecture about composting done by our favorite composting experts, Amy Freeman-Rosa and Brian Rosa from North Carolina talked about worm composting. Airbrush tattoos were a hot item that day. Everyone was sent out into the streets at 10:30 to start collecting garbage. All in all we had around 70 people join us at one point or another during the 4 hours we were out. Everyone who showed up to help was given an aloe plant and a re-usable grocery bag to take home to show our appreciation for their hard work. There is still a lot of work to do, however with as many people as we had, we were really able to make a significant difference in the city this year. As the years go by, we hope more and more people will join us. We will leave the trailer of garbage sitting out by the road for a few days so that people driving by can take a hint to STOP LITTERING!!! Hey Fenton, LET’S CLEAN UP OUR ACT!!!!!!

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