Hilarious kid #1:
Two days ago, one of my practice members was in and she has this granddaughter, we will call her “G” with this personality that would best be described as larger than life. G was staying with her for a few weeks over the summer since she was out of school. Just the other day, G had a curious look on her face as asked “Fanny (that is what she called her grandmother), what is an ex-wife?”. So the grandmother took a considerable amount of time explaining the concept of “ex-wife” to little G. At the end of the discussion, little G turned to her grandmother and said “Fanny, I think I want to be an ex-wife when I grow up.” I realize that later in life she will hopefully have aspirations not to be an “ex” anything however it makes sense to her at this point.

Hilarious kid #2:
Three weeks ago this gentleman came in for his weekly adjustment. With him came his 10 year old son with two friends of the same age and their plan was to go to Uncle Ray’s Dairyland where they plus about 15 other people were going to share a 5 foot long banana split. The three boys were sitting and watching intently as the father got adjusted. As my assistant and I were wrapping the visit up and getting things scheduled for his next visit I could hear his son begin to chuckle in the background. As they were leaving the son said under his breath to his friends “My dad just got beat up by a girl!”

This job is the greatest! Because I see so many full families, one of the best parts is watching the children figure out the world. They have an amazing at putting things together in a way that makes sense in their own little minds. I get some of the greatest laughs from them!

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  • Posted by Gerri on August 15, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Kids ARE the best. The make everything worth it. šŸ™‚