In my mind, if it is going to be cold, we may as well have snow with it. I mean really, if it is cold outside and if there must be precipitation falling from the sky, then give us some of the big white fluffy stuff! I love the snow. BRING IT ON!!! Actually I am just finishing our annual celebration with the Cafe of LIFE Book Club and sitting by the fire with my dog however just before I sat down, I saw a dusting of the fluffy white stuff. I love the snow. I am a snowboarder and my happiest place on earth is anywhere that I can be strapped to my snowboard carving down a hill. I will keep you posted with my white winter adventures this year. I am not sure what I have in store yet for traveling to the slopes but I am sure I will come up with something. I love snow and I love snowflakes. In fact, if you drive by the Cafe of LIFE during holiday decorating season, you will find snowflakes are our main event. I would actually like to keep them up all winter long, but most people start getting on me about it during the middle of January to get my decorations put away. So if you life in Michigan, it would probably benefit you a lot to get out there an enjoy the snow…it’s going to be here anyways, it is inevitable. I love the snow, have I said that yet?

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