Over this past weekend, my body was expressing some serious symptoms and I spent most of my time in bed resting. You know those days when stuffiness and congestion takes over and it takes so much energy to do anything? Friday night I was driving back from Rochester and started a sneezing fit and that is where it all began. From that point the coughing started and body aches. I decided to retire early since I had a lot planned for Saturday. When Saturday morning rolled around, I just couldn’t imagine doing anything that I had planned. I barely made it out of bed but I figured if I just get up and take a shower, I will feel better…and I did. Then I thought if I just get in my car and drive down to the convention in Dearborn I will feel better…and I did. Then I sat for 4 hours and listened to an amazing lecture and could just barely get myself home I felt so horrible. I retired early again that night with hopes that Sunday I would wake up feeling great…no such luck. I finally dragged myself out of bed around 1pm and got in the shower. The entire weekends meals consisted of dried fruit and nuts, due to lack of energy to do much more, and at one point a can of soup. So after my shower, and in tears, I got myself together and drove out to my mom’s house. She met me in the kitchen and made me a great breakfast. It was a simple eggs and toast breakfast with a little bit of pesto and it was probably the best I had ever tasted. Of course I was so hungry and depleted at this time, I instantly snapped out of it and have been feeling better ever since. I don’t think there was any healing magic in those eggs and toast, nor the pesto for that matter. It was the whole concept of being taken care of by my Mom that made the difference. Thanks for being there Mom!!! Hopefully I can return the favor, either back to her or pass it on to my children, when I have them someday. Moms…they make all the difference šŸ™‚
(the picture is taken at my brother’s wedding early September as we are all bundled up trying to stay warm in the wind)

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  • Posted by Gerri on October 05, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Moms Rock!!!