Oh Monday.  Have you ever had a terrible case of the “Mondays”? I woke up feeling exactly that way and just not motivated to get out of bed and do anything. It would have been a great day to just lay around and not do much of anything, which is not an option for me considering I have a practice that needs to be tended to. So I got up anyways, geared up for the cold and snow, and headed out to walk Choco this morning. There are a lot of activities that we do completely unconsciously and that could easily be one of them. He and I walk around a loop in my neighborhood that is 1/2 mile, just enough time to get the muscles stretched and moving and go to the bathroom. In that time, I chose to focus on gratitude and being grateful that I could even get up and out of bed, that I had clothes to keep me warm, that I had two feet and legs that work, that I had a roof over my head and a great job to go to everyday (and of course, the chocolate dog). Just that, combined with the fresh, crisp morning air, got me moving. There is no possible way that a life, driven and directed by gratitude, could get off path. Gratitude is powerful fuel and used in constructive ways can get you to any place you want to go.   Enjoy your Monday!

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