I was just browsing through this very interesting website and I found some rules about facebook. #4 in the list was “If it came out of your body in a projective fashion, never post it on facebook.” I thought that was interesting and instead of posting it on facebook, I would actually blog about it on here. So last week on Tuesday (some of you may know this already), I came down with that flu that is going around. Maybe some of you reading this have experienced this one, if not, it is fast and furious….literally there are people puking in their cars because they do not have enough warning to do much of anything about it. For me, I was hit with it right around 6am and I had enough warning to run 15 feet from my bed to the toilet…thank goodness. It went on for about 3 hours and then it was over and I was happy and feeling good. Some people are calling it a 24 hour bug, however (this may be because of all the adjustments I had while I was in Colorado) my body was over and rid of it all in 3 hours. When you condense that bug down that much, naturally the intensity raises and that is exactly what happened.

So you are probably thinking to yourself, “is she really writing an entire blog about puking????”…one key to the whole story is the part where I said “and then it was over and I was happy and feeling good”. You see, there was something going on with my energy level and aura for about 3 months, I would say since the beginning to middle of October. I felt good, but not really good like I am used to. I had enough energy, but I am used to an abundance of energy. When I looked in the mirror I looked presentable, but I am used to seeing a glow behind my skin. I would get a large quantity of rest and I would wake up in the morning feeling like I could sleep all day, and I am used to getting up and facing the day easily. After that morning of puking and the entire day of rest, I FELT AND STILL FEEL AMAZING!!! I feel like I got my mojo back or something. I feel like I was able to finally process something. I feel like I got a little oxygen to my flame that burns on the inside. I really truly feel like I have a new body and I am really diggin’ it. Now mind you, I have not puked in a really long time…that is not something that my body does easily. The fast and furious-ness to the 3 hour flu thing is that I also got rid of everything inside of me and my body kept trying to do more…yes this is known as dry heaves. Horrible, long-lasting dry heaves where the entire body is convulsing. Excuse me for being really “out there” with my thinking processes, but to me, I am wondering how awesome that entire body contraction is for stimulating the nerve system and changing a pattern. It was pretty intense and often a major pattern interrupt is exactly what is needed. It did it for me. It changed things up for me on the inside and now I feel WAY BETTER than just “back to normal”.
So to sum this up, no it is not fun to be sick, I do not enjoy vomiting, and I am glad it is over. Could that flu been prevented by taking a flu shot (which for the record I would NEVER do), I really do not think there is any reason to ever get a flu shot…and the benefit I got out of the ability to purge whatever that was, PRICELESS. Do you think it is possible that the flu was created by nature or universal forces for us to take a “time out” and get a chance to learn something about ourselves? stimulate something? clear something out? change a pattern? Just some food for thought…

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  • Posted by helen on January 04, 2011 at 3:28 am

    mid-late october was when we began our waaay too long bought of illness too. and a lot of other people i know. i don't know what happened this fall….

  • Posted by Gerri on January 04, 2011 at 8:14 am

    Wow, interesting take on vomiting…I hate vomiting and rarely do. I think I vomited two or three times in the last 8 years. But, I totally get the cleansing perspective. Hey, that's why it's called purging. Glad you're better.