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Choco, the wanderer.  Yesterday at 6:15pm, while Victoria and I were finishing up with things here at the Cafe of LIFE, we are startled by a big chocolate dog (that would be Choco) charging in through our opened front door. We both just looked blankly at each other as our brains began to run a few obvious panic questions; “Where was he?”, “When and how did he get out without one of us noticing?”, “How long has he been gone?” and “How many cars did he have to dodge to make it to and from where ever his destination was?”. This was the very first time he has ever pulled a stunt like that. YIKES!!! It was an interesting “mothering” moment for me and needless to say I am so grateful to his angels for watching over him on his expedition.


“Dear Angels,


Instead of watching over him during his expeditions, please convince him not to go on them in the first place.




Choco’s Mom.”
Choco, the wanderer.


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  • Posted by Jen on July 12, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Oh my gosh, that's so sweet!