What an amazing and wonderful weekend! It was filled with friends and fun and of course, went by too fast!!! One of the super fun things I did over the weekend is a bike ride called “Tour De Troit”. It is a 30 mile bike ride through the city of Detroit. Naturally 30 miles would take us winding around in the streets, exploring all the little nooks and crannies of the city. It was amazing as I had never even explored the city by car. So you may think, what is it like to tour Detroit on a bike? Well ask any one of the 2,000 participants and they will say they enjoyed themselves immensely. It was police escorted and 2,000 people stopped a lot of traffic. In fact, at some points, I felt bad for those people in cars as the group took quite a few minutes to pass at any point during the ride. It was a perfectly sunny day and the trip took about 4.5 hours, which included a 30 minute stop for snacks. All ages, all levels of bikers, everyone just having fun. It is definitely an event to return to every year. Join me next year, maybe we can put together a Cafe of LIFE group!!!
(the picture is me hydrating before the ride:)

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  • Posted by TallGuySurfing on September 21, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Fun times! I did a similar bike ride in Pittsburgh years ago that was 35 miles. I felt like I saw every hill, building, house, river, bridge, stadium in that city after the ride!