My Grandmother, my mom’s mom, has been in town for the past 2 weeks. Some of you know her, some have met her, and if you have met her, you know you have…she leaves a lasting impression. She is a wonderfully, opinionated individual and is not afraid to approach any topic, at any time, with anyone, anywhere. This is one of her most wonderful qualities…straight up confrontation. She is a mother to 10, a step-mother to 6, a grandmother to 50+ grandchildren, and a great-grandmother to around 20 or so (I really should sit down and count them all at some point). She has been married to my grandfather for something like 27 years and they are a perfect yin-yang couple…opposites attract is the truth, for this couple anyways. Because of the vast experiences in her life, she is very wise and I ask her for her opinion on things because why try to figure it all out on my own. She has been through many trials and tribulations, learned many lessons, and loves to share those lessons. I have grown to become very fond of sitting and interacting with her and listening to her talk and interact with others. She says the funniest things…and so often we laugh at things because they are true. Just over a week ago, there were 5 of us women sitting around in a living room as she was discussing one of my cousins. This particular cousin has made some challenging choices in her life and had recently gone down to visit with Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. Grandma said she spent the entire long weekend on her phone texting with friends continuously. When they were sitting and chatting, she would interrupt to send a text, watching TV texting, doing everything and texting. My Grandma, so very wisely said to her “If you are on that phone all the time, when do you think?”. For some reason, that question has stuck with me at the forefront of my mind since I heard it. “When do you think?” When do you have time to sit and think about what decisions you are going to make and what effect they are going to have on yourself and the people around you? When do you have time to think about what happened earlier today, yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow? When do you have time to think about what you want your future to hold, what you want to do when you grow up? When do you think about the relationships you have? When do you get to think about your “bucket list” (the things you want to do before you die)? When do you get to think about your family, friends, co-workers, favorite teams, favorite activities, favorite vacations, worst experience of your life, best experience of your life? When do you think about what is for dinner, what foods you really want to be putting in your body? When do you get to think about your health and the choices you make that increase or decrease the quality of it? We live in such a busy world anymore, there is always something pulling us one way or another, however we still need time to sit back and think… It would benefit this world tremendously if we all took a few extra moments to ourselves to think. We could possibly become more informed consumers, more peaceful family members, more productive in our work environment, and much healthier human beings. We only get one chance…

(its the best picture I had of her. I had to crop it so it looks strange, but wanted to give you a face for her)

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