For our 4 year anniversary, I asked everyone that was in that week to write down 3 words that describe their experience here at the Cafe of LIFE and this is what I got: healthy, life-changing, loving, refreshing, energizing, centered, caring, rejuvenating, painless, relaxing, renewing, healing mind body and spirit, trust, comfort, peace, helpful, healthful, I have never felt better, purifying, compassion, joyful, relaxing, uplifting, reassuring, proactive, calm, warm, fun, better way of life, breath, health, caring, healing, pleasant, friendly, light, hope, friends, happy, relief, stimulating, better, great, fantastic, wonderful, harmony, attitude uplifting, encouraging, spiritual, peaceful, well-being, life, health awareness, tension releasing, educating, exceptional, holistic, restorative, cleansing, pleasant, comfortable, gentle, kind, loved.

And to me…there is no greater compliment and no better job than to SERVE LIFE!!!

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