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I am on my way to Atlanta, GA. It seems like a long time since I have spent any real time there. It is another home for me. I spent a few years in school there and am still quite connected with the LIFE Chiropractic College and many people that are involved at the school. One thing about Atlanta, I love the diversity. Have you been to Atlanta?

At one point I heard that 75% of the people that are in Atlanta are transplanted…mostly from the north. That makes for the city having an interesting personality of a northern feel with southern hospitality. This small town of Fenton is incredibly non-diverse…what would be the correct word for that? Homogeneous? I don’t know…but I know you get the point. When I moved home I was shocked at how far I had to drive for any culture…and not to mention cuisine. I tend to steer away from “American” food and do not care much for Italian either. I had to drive 30-45 minutes to get things like Thai, Sushi, Indian and Ethiopian food. Things are improving slowly but surely but I love being in Atlanta where you can find all kinds of fun food on every corner.

I lived in Atlanta at a really special time in my life. I began chiropractic college and was making the greatest life-long friends and learning and growing so much as a student, but more importantly as a person. It was a time when I began to focus inward and really look at what makes me me and how I got that way. With this amazing group of friends, we spent a lot of time in introspection. Seems we were all digging for answers to the same questions…What is life really all about? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I live in a peaceful way? How can I serve others? What do I want to manifest in my life? How can I become more healthy and whole? …and the late night conversations filled with philosophy, connection and laughter are really precious memories for me.

Atlanta was home of the first Cafe of LIFE office I had ever been to. Cafe of LIFE is not a franchise, it is more a concept of shifting chiropractic away from a medical setting. The day I walked into that Cafe, and the first adjustment I received from the chiropractor, changed my life forever. It was a pivotal moment that I will share the specifics of in a later blog in case you haven’t heard the story. My path to some deep core healing began in Atlanta, and entering the Cafe of LIFE that day was a catalyst for that.

So when I get back there, I become really nostalgic. All the sights and sounds and smells and feels take me back to a really sweet transitioning point in my life…and also the point when I learned what it means to SERVE. I will spend the weekend in seminar and reigniting my internal flame with laughter and community and the enjoyment of being back on the campus and in a place that taught me so much about me. Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!

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