I am not sure how this is happening… I have been out in practice for over 6 years talking to people about the challenges that sitting all day has on our health. Our culture tends towards jobs that are done in a seated position for long hours everyday…sometimes 8 or more hours…plus an hour drive to and from work. It is one of the most unhealthy and stressful positions for the body to be in. So right now, I have been sitting for almost 4 hours. I have taken three 5 minute breaks to walk around and move. I have another at least 21 hours to go over the next 3 days. I am not sure how this is going to work out.

When I look back to my days of being a doctorate student, we had 35 hours of mandatory attendance
(35 hours of mostly sitting) classroom work and another 15-30 hours of studying (mostly sitting as well) per week. Since graduation and now being in practice, I sit for a maximum amount of 20 minute periods at a time and usually more like 3-5 minutes. So my question is how am I at the chiropractic college and being required to sit for hours and hours and hours when this is the very place I learned how stressful sitting is on the spine and nerve system? Seems there should be some sort of a walking class, or standing desks or something here.

Thank goodness (insert sarcastic tone here) that I learned to sit long hours when I first started elementary school, and kept doing it for 12 years through school and another 10 years in college. Looking back, I have had enough training to know how to do this, however because I have so much more awareness about the body, bio mechanics and health, this is incredibly difficult. You may think that sitting stress has to do with just the low back…but sit long enough and it will effect the upper back, the neck, circulation and nerve supply to the glutes and lower extremities…and all kinds of other things. I understand why elementary classrooms are designed with seats and desks and requirements to stay in them for organization, but maybe…just maybe this is where all of our health problems start.

Our bodies were meant to move, they are designed that way and are happier when doing so. I am grateful that my classes are full of chiropractors and that I can get adjusted frequently when I am here. I also know that I was going to be needing some serious exercise to counter-act some of this stress which I have planned for and will make a priority.

Are you sitting all day? Are you taking actions to counteract those daily stresses? Switching jobs is a much bigger challenge than counter-acting the effects of that sitting job and long drive have on your spine and health…do yourself a favor and take this information into account when looking for after work activities. We only get one chance.

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  • Posted by sarah on October 02, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Help! I have at least 2.5 weeks of sitting due to a fractured talus-currently in an air cast and moving too much on crutches is really hard on my hands and arms. Adivice? Not being able to move around like normal is so hard.