It is a place that I had always wanted to go, Lake Tahoe. I had only seen it on movies and pictures. This year I got the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends out there and so I took it! Many of you have heard of my Lake Tahoe stories since I have been back but I thought I would write a little bit about it so that you could get an idea of the scene out there. The weekend before I went, my girlfriend, Lana, sent me a message that said “we better start doing a snow dance, there isn’t barely any snow out there”…you do not have to tell me twice, I LOVE TO DANCE…and so the dancing began. On Monday that week the forecast called for a big storm on the way. I think Tuesday is when it started and it never stopped until late Saturday morning. I flew in to about 2 feet of snow and closed roads all over the place. We were actually really lucky to be able to get through to the cabin at all. Some of the group spent 5 hours sitting on a road unable to move. The weather reports actually said “…if you have to go out, bring food, water, blankets and flashlights in your car…”. I have never seen a report say that before and mind you I lived in Alaska over 3 years. Friday it snowed another 2 feet, Saturday the same. It was the most snow I had ever seen in my entire life…and mind you I lived in Alaska for over 3 years 🙂 On Saturday we went to a resort called Kirkwood. It was a bit south of Lake Tahoe and around that area, we heard they got the most snow in the world checking in at 13 feet in 24 hours. It was completely unfathomable!!! So the snow was great. The people that were on this trip were super fun and it was so wonderful to have time with my girlfriend and meet her daughter that was just 3 months old. There are not many words to describe the scenery to you, but the pictures do it a little justice. The area around Lake Tahoe is pretty mild and so the lake doesn’t freeze over. It stays that deep blue color and framed by so much snow, it is so beautiful! Pushing that much powder around a mountain is a lot of work on a snowboard. In fact one time I fell on my snowboard and it took me 10 minutes to just stand up. People were falling and almost disappearing. One woman said it took her between 2-3 hours to hike back to to a run after falling in the powder…now that makes for a long morning. It was truly a winter wonderland. Hopefully these pictures do some justice. In the future when Lana and I do a snow dance…maybe we will have to tone it down a little…I am glad to have made it to Lake Tahoe and to have experienced that much snow. Seize the opportunities…we only get one chance.

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