Meet Jennifer… she and I have been best friends since high school…a VERY long time. She is one of the most wonderful women that I know. She is intelligent, funny and authentic, probably the top three qualities that I look for in friends. The greatest thing about her is she has been such a dedicated friend to me no matter what. I do not believe that there has ever been a time that she wasn’t in my life. I moved all over the country and she came to visit me in all the places I lived. She has been on the other end of the phone for some really wonderful conversations and some really crappy conversations where it is all tears and barely any words. She has guided me in many of my huge life decisions, or at least I always let her have a word about whatever the situation is. She is amazing. She has the biggest entrepreneurial spirit of anyone who I have ever met and she is in the process of materializing her latest “million dollar idea” and this one is going to go far. In the few years, when her and I have hung up the phone, I take a moment to be grateful for her in my life. Thanks Jen. My life is better simply by having you in it:)

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