I spent all of last week on a surf trip to Montanita, Ecuador. I am excited to share pictures and stories with you all and I am so glad that so many of you keep up with me this way. There is an underground group of Great Lakes surfers, yes people actually do surf the Great Lakes. I am not one of them, however the guy that I am dating is and that is how I got hooked into this trip. I do have to say that I didn’t really feel like I “deserved” a vacation like that since I was just in Costa Rica over the holidays, however the price was something not to be passed up and so I found a wonderful doctor to cover my practice and off I went. Montanita is an old fishing town turned hippie surfer town…just my style. The people of Ecuador are a simple folk. There is not much money and barely any education in the area I was in and so the people are not living and working to try and get anywhere. They are happy and content and present and WOW that is refreshing!!! There i no “running the rat race” mentality and subsequently, a lot less stress or at least a very different stress. I do my best to take each moment as it comes and be present so as to not miss a beat. I haven’t always been this way however I find the most peace in that space and will continue to strive to sustain that. Join me, why don’t ya… (picture taken at one of the beaches we surfed at, more pictures to come).

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  • Posted by Gerri on March 04, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    What a blessing that you get to travel and see the world.