Choco is finally here!

After a month of planning and going back and forth about whether he was going to make it on the plane due to 2 feet of snow in Colorado, and after a 2.5 hour extremely icy drive to Detroit Metro Airport (normally 60 minutes max), I picked up a very terrified Choco and rescued him from his cage and all the craziness of the day. On the Colorado side, he just thought he was going on some great adventure. By the time he got to Detroit, he was convinced that he was never going to do that again. In fact, when he found out which car was mine, he made sure that I knew we were getting in it and going somewhere and never looking back. He also decided that once he was in that he may not get out of the car when we were home. What a funny dog! I am forever grateful for my friend Scott coming along for the ride to the airport as I couldn’t imagine trying to convince Choco to sit while I broke down the kennel. I am also grateful to my mom and step-dad coming to my home at 11:30pm last night to help set the kennel up while I stood with a frightened Choco. I let him take refuge in his new home inside my home and left a radio and night light for him as he cozied down in his bed for the night. This is going to be a fun adventure….

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