Choco’s 1st 5K

Our great little city of Fenton has a Holiday Celebration called Jinglefest that happens the first weekend in December. For the past 3 years, my family and I get together and run it. It is great fun because it is cold and snowy and the nights always end up being perfect for a winter run. This year we had an addition to the running crew as Choco joined us. I wasn’t sure if dogs were going to be allowed but I brought him anyways. There were about 200 people or so that ran it and 3 other dogs. In the beginning of the race Choco was really interested in making friends with everyone. By the time we were about 100 yards into it he realized that it was time to work and just got right into that mode. He ran the entire 5K right by my side and we finished strong. We have been on so many adventures during our first week, from riding in the car 4 hours one way to go snowboarding, play dates with new friends, a 5K, and a day with a friend of mine. He has been amazing and I am really excited that I will be able take him on my runs. I am looking forward to the time when he is ready to come to the Cafe of LIFE on a daily basis which will hopefully be just after the first of the year. This morning I dropped him off at the vet to get fixed which will hopefully take the edge off of his attitude that he gets sometimes. He is a great dog and we have had a lot of fun together and it has only been one week!

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  • Posted by Tisha on December 15, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    i can’t wait to meet him! Jonah LOVES dogs, so he’s love coming to the cafe even more now!