This past Saturday Simple, the health food store next door, and the Cafe of LIFE got a group of people together and picked up garbage all over the downtown area. We actually anticipated to be able to cover more of the downtown area, however there was SO MUCH GARBAGE that we weren’t able to do much more than just about 3-4 blocks. I always thought that Fenton was a pretty clean area, however if you would have joined me, you would have been embarrassed at the amount of garbage that was out there, not to mention cigarette butts. Amazingly disgusting!!! I am not sure if you all realize that the Shiawassee River is a tributary to the Great Lakes and that everything that happens in those tributaries translates to damage to our Great Lakes. The whole clean-up experience was really eye-opening because we are but just one small town along the watershed. From our experience on Saturday we have decided that instead of waiting until next Earth Day to do another clean-up, we will schedule one about a month from now and hopefully get some more participation. It really does take everyone to keep this community and earth clean and I think it is time to have a little more respect. Come join us!!!

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