…make life so much sweeter. I have some super good friends that I got to celebrate my birthday with over the past weekend. One of these girls I have known for 22 years, one I have known for 18 years and the other I have known for 2 years. A wide range of years…which makes it even better. The other super fun part of this group of friends is that each of them are similar and yet so different that it makes for fun, engaging conversation. We met up for sushi and then went out for some dancing. It is funny, and a comedian once did a skit about the differences between men and women, one of them being that women get together and want to head out somewhere where there is going to be dancing involved. You never hear about a group of men looking for a place to go dancing together. The differences between men and women are, of course, way to numerous to mention here but I just thought I would bring your attention to that one. My birthday was a good one, the week had just the right amount of celebration, and I am really looking forward to the coming year. I can tell it is going to be amazing!!!

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