In my chiropractic office, we stay busy seeing lots of people every week. It is a wonderful career and I enjoy owning and running my own business. I am, I think, the 10th chiropractor in city of Fenton out of 10 and we are all staying very busy. One of the things that is different about the Cafe of LIFE is that I, as a doctor, really look at myself as a partner in health, one of your teammates in you quest to live a full, healthy life. It seems like I just talk and talk all day long, but what I strive to do is educate. I do my best to educate everyone that I come in contact with about the amazing ability of the body to take care of itself. In saying this, the body has an amazing ability to care for itself…GIVEN THE PROPER BUILDING BLOCKS, ENOUGH WATER, REST, AND POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE! So keep your body balanced and connected with itself through regular chiropractic adjustments, drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, avoid processed foods at all cost, get the sleep your body requires, and stay happy. Happiness is a choice. Situations are brought into our lives to teach us something. Step back during the highs and lows so that you can take a moment to realize that your precept ion of the situation is what creates the energy around it. Life is so super short. And as my yoga instructor says so eloquently “Every moment in life that you are not completely present is essentially a moment that you have abandoned and can never get back”. Be present, LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE and LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE !

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