Did you know that Iowa was the first state to license chiropractic? The reason was that during the influenza epidemic in the 1918, it became apparent that people under chiropractic care were “magically” not affected by the epidemic. We know now that the nervous system directly strengthens your immune system, and allows you to live at your maximum potential! Yet, many people died from this strain because not enough people knew what to do at this time.Then, in 1976, there was a vaccine campaign with the second outbreak of the swine flu, which was heavily advertised, many millions of dollars were put into creating this vaccine, and it took months to prepare. By the time it was ready, the flu had taken its course, but what to do with all of the vaccinations that they had just put so much money and time into making? Well, they had to make use of it, so through advertising, the country was scared into believing their lives were still at risk. It was mandated that EVERYONE be vaccinated at this time. The harmful side effects from these vaccines cost more money to clean up than did the money in making the vaccine. However, the government learned that when scared, people will do almost anything…”The 1976 vaccination campaign is now considered to have been an overreaction based on mistaken fears that the swine flu outbreak would pose the same risk as the Spanish flu pandemic that followed the First World War, claiming the lives of up to 50 million people.” And this is when the “oh too commonly known” flu vaccine was created, and has escalated into what it is today. The side effects are still real, and often more harmful than the virus itself. Educate yourself before you quickly follow the trends. It could make a huge difference in the quality of life that you live.

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