…that labs snore! I am actually laughing out loud right now at Choco as he is curled up and snoring away. It is hilarious! I know that bulldogs, and really heavy dogs snore but I would have never imagined that my chocolate dog would do that. I am not going to be able to sleep if he is going to be that loud but I had to share and also share a picture of him in his bed. You can see he is laying there and his bed has an orange towel on it. Now, Choco always has to have something in his mouth. He is not a chewer but he has to be able to carry something around. It must be a comfort thing. So when I opened the door for him to come in, he frantically runs around the garage searching for a bone or something to bring with him. This time he couldn’t find one and when that is the case, he always grabs the first thing in sight on his way in. So this time it was a wash cloth which is also in the picture. He marched around the house all evening with a wash cloth and when he holds it and looks up at me, it looks like he is asking if there is anything for him to help me clean. I will try to get a picture of that to share at some point. He keeps me entertained that is for sure!

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