On days like today, it sure feels like spring. Of course, those of us who have been in Michigan for a while know that this kind of weather will come and go for a few weeks, sometimes months before spring will actually be here in full force. Spring is such a wonderful season when everything comes back to life, the sunshine and flowers makes it feel so good and in the process spirits are lifted. We tend to leave some deep cleaning of the house to that time as we know that a good one time over gets the spring started well. So have you ever considered that maybe that was a good thing to do for the body too? Have you ever considered doing a detoxification or cleanse for your body and health and didn’t really know where to start? I have teamed up with a Holistic Nutritional Counselor for “SPRING CLEANING OF THE BODY”. This is a 28 day guided program to detoxify and cleanse away the build-up that occurs over the years. Connect with me if you would like more informtion on the process and we will help you get started clearing those cobwebs inside! Here’s to a few more weeks of winter and more importantly, here’s to hoping we have a healthy and wonderful SPRING!!!!!  I love when it feels like spring!!!

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